Saturday, April 1, 2023

Online Saturday - Splatoon 3 - April's Splatfest - 1 Hour, 12 Matches, 6 Wins, But No Bigfoot Teams!

Welcome to Online Saturday.
As it's a Splatfest this weekend, today's Online Saturday focuses on Splatoon 3. this Splatfest is a fight between those who believe Nessie is real, that Aliens are real, or that Bigfoot is real. Myself, i chose the Aliens team as i really do believe that aliens are real.

It was one of me better Saturdays, too. i played 12 games and won half of them. the strange thing from today is that all 12 games were against Nessie teams. it could be that here in Japan/Asia, Nessie and Aliens were the top two and that Bigfoot has a bigger representation across America and Europe.

The sneak peak results had Aliens narrowly leading Nessie with Bigfoot a little bit behind. after today's games, it's hard to say who'll win the Splatfest out of Aliens or Nessie. there were some real close games and there were some really big losses. If you play against a Bigfoot team, let me know how good or bad they are.