Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ubisoft Have Released A New Assassin's Creed IV Blag Flag E3 Gameplay Video Featuring Developer Commentary

Ubisoft have released a new trailer for Assassin's Creed IV Blag Flag. this is the same demo that was shown during the PS4 part of Sony's E3 press conference. this video has a developer narrating, highlighting certain points. the video shows action both on land and on ships.

NetherRealm Announce A Man Of Steel Skin For Superman Comes To Injustice This July, Relase Zod DLC Trailer

NetherRealm have announced a Man Of Steel skin, from the latest Superman movie, is coming to Injustice: Gods Among Us this July. also coming in July will be a new DLC character, General Zod. the Skin will cost 80MS Points/€2.99/£2.39 whilst the General Zod DLC will cost 400MS Points/€4.99/£3.99.

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Tecmo Koei Announce The EU Release Of Dynasty Warriors 8 Has Been Pushed Back A Week To 19th July

Tecmo Koei have announced the EU release date for Dynasty Warriors 8 has been pushed back a week. Dynasty Warriors 8 will now come out on 19th July on both PS3 and Xbox 360. Tecmo Koei have also detailed pre-order bonuses:
  • Game - limited edition smartphone pouch, in 1 of 4 exclusive designs
  • Other retailers - DLC pack, featuring Zhou Yu, Lu Xun, Cao Cao, Zhang Fei and Guan Yu’s outfits from Dynasty Warriors 1
  • Independent Retailers - DLC pack that brings outfits for Zhao Yun and Sun Shangxiang from Romance of the Three Kingdoms 12

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D3Publisher And Lima Sky Announce Doodle Jump for Kinect Comes Out 28th June For 400 MS Points

Lima Sky and D3Publisher have announced the release date for Doodle Jump for Kinect. it's set to come to XBLA on 28th June for 400 MS Points. they have also released a new gameplay video for this Kinect Only game showing some of the gesture commands, like how you move your body to move the character or fire with your arm.

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Devolver Digital Announce Hotline Miami Comes To Both PS3 And PS Vita On 26th June For £7.29/€8.99

Devolver Digital have announced the EU release date for Hotline Miami. the game was released this week in the USA on the PSN and now the EU will get the game on 28th June. Hotline Miami will cost £7.29/€8.99 and it is a Cross Buy title, so you buy it on one platform and get it for the other for free. this PS3/PSV version of the game will features trophies, touch support, leaderboards and a exclusive Russel Raging Bull Mask.

Source: EU PlayStation Blog

Nicalis Have Revealed 1001 Spikes, An Upcoming PS Vita 2D Platformer Where You Have 1001 Lives

Nicalis have announced 1001 Spikes for PS Vita. this upcoming 8-bit looking 2D platformer challenges the player to complete the game in under 1001 lives. Nicalis call it the most challenging platformer to come to the PS Vita. the levels look short and minimalistic, all you have to do is find the key and unlock a door. your character Aban Hawkins has unlimited daggers and the controls are simply throw your dagger, small jump and high jump. there are 6 worlds with multiple levels and a finale. the game will feature unlockable guest characters and a co-op and vs multiplayer modes.

Source: EU PlayStation Blog

Namco Bandai Announce Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z For Xbox 360, PS3 And PS Vita

Namco Bandai have revealed a new Dragon Ball Z Fighter for Xbox 36, PS3 and PS Vita. coming later this year, Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z features up to 4 player co-op battles which can then be one team of 4 vs another team of 4.  the game will feature a single player solo mode as well.



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EA And BioWare Have Released The First Teaser Trailer For Dragon Age 3: Inquisition, Reveal New Release Date

EA and BioWare have released the debut teaser trailer for Dragon Age 3: Inquisition. the cinematic trailer also ends by confirming the game has been delayed from it's original release date of end of 2013 until Fall 2014. when it was originally announced, no platforms were revealed and i suspect this delay of nearly a year means the game is coming to PS4 and Xbox One and has been moved to a next gen engine.

Gaijin Games Have Released A New Gameplay Video For Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien On PS Vita

Gaijin Games have released a new gameplay video for the PS Vita version of Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien. they say the game is still in development and should come out by mid August, it should be the same version that was released on consoles.