Thursday, March 28, 2013

Nintendo Have Released A Video Showing The April Wii U Firmware Update Speeding Up Menus

Nintendo have released a new update regarding the Wii U Firmware update coming in April. the aim of the April update is to speed up the menus. Nintendo used the Wii U Miiverse to detail this upcoming update and to show an example of it in action. Nintendo look set to continue to use the Miiverse to keep Wii U gamers up to date. the Video shows that when using the home button to close a game to get back to the Wii U Menu, before the update it would take around 23 seconds but after the update it takes around 9. it's not clear if it will vary game to game, or when doing different tasks.

CI Games Have Released A New Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Trailer And Screenshots For The Siberian Strike DLC

CI games have released a new trailer and screenshots for Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2. these are for the recently released Siberian Strike DLC that costs 800 MS Points or £8.99 on Steam and PSN. The Siberian Strike DLC is set in Siberia and offers a more open world experience for solving missions. players are not guided and have to use the map to get to their target.

the story is you play as Cole Anderson who has been sent to a secret Russian military installation to find a CIA operative called Diaz. he's no longer sending reports and you have to not only find him but also any reports he's not sent.

Siberian Strike Screenshots

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505 Games And Re-Logic Have Announced They Are Bringing Terraria To PlayStation Vita

505 Games and Re-Logic have announced they are bringing Terraria to the PlayStation Vita. they reveal there was huge demand for the game to come to the Vita and as they are fans of the device themselves they decided to bring it over. details are a bit scarce, but they have revealed the PS Vita version will support up to 8 players online, competitive leaders, trophies and tease possible touch controls.

Source: EU PlayStation Blog

GAME And PQube Reveal The Persona 4 Arena 12" Vinyl Pre-Order Bonus

PQube and UK retailer GAME have revealed the GAME only pre-order bonus for Persona 4 Arena. you can buy the game on either platform and get a 12" Vinyl of the Persona 4 Original Arrange Soundtrack.

Capcom Have Released A New Rachel Game Play Video For Resident Evil: Revelations

Capcom have released a new game play video for Resident Evil: Revelations. this video shows Rachel in action.

Nintendo Have Released 2 New Videos For LEGO City: Undercover Introducing Natalia Kowalski And Villains

Nintendo have released 2 new videos for the Wii U game LEGO City: Undercover. the first video introduces Chase's love interest, Natalia Kowalski. the second video introduces some of the villains you'll encounter in the game.

Minority Media Announce Papo & Yo Comes To Steam On 18th April

Minority Media have announced they are bringing Papo & Yo to Steam on 18th April. Papo & Yo was originally released on the PS3 PSN and this Steam release will see updates and improvements over that version. Minority Media have also released a launch trailer for the PC version and a gameplay video also.

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505 Games And Re-Logic Have Released A Launch Trailer For The Console Version Of Terraria

505 Games and Re-Logic have released a launch trailer for the console version of Terraria. the trailer uses in-game action to highlight the exploring, customising and battling.

EA Sports Have Released Screenshots And A Launch Trailer For Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14

EA Sports have released new screenshots and a launch trailer for Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14. the screenshots are a mix of in-game, courses and playable golfers.


Kalypso Have Released A New DARK Trailer From GDC

Kalypso have released a new trailer for DARK. coming to PC and Xbox 360 this June, this trailer is from GDC and focuses on using in-game action to show several of your in-game vampire skills in avoiding being seen and taking down enemies

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Rockstar Have Released 10 New Screenshots For Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar have released 10 new screenshots for Grand Theft Auto V. these screenshots are a mix, they show some vehicles, weather, under water diving and helicopter flying.


Iron Galaxy Announce Divekick, Coming To The PS3 PSN This Summer

Iron Galaxy have revealed Divekick, their upcoming PS3 PSN Game. coming out this summer, Divekick is a game with simple controls, one button is Dive and the other is Kick. the aim is to be the first person to land a kick, the first person to win 5 rounds wins the game.


Source: EU PlayStation Blog