Sunday, August 6, 2023

Switch Funday - No Place for Bravery - Issues Don’t Lessen The Story in This Great Pixel World

For Switch Funday, i wanted to play a game i recently bought from Amazon Japan that had been discounted. i bought the limited edition version of the game, it came with a soundtrack, artbook, and bigger exterior case for it.

I knew that it was a pixel art game, but i didn't know the story. what was great was that when i started the game i was given the choice of a story focused approach, in that the battles weren't too difficult, a battle heavy approach, or a Dark Souls style experience. i wanted the story and was more than happy i was given the choice.

The pixel art world looks full of life and was pleasant to explore. without spoiling the video, there certainly were some extremes shown as well as calm. the characters are distinct from each other and from enemies, but there is a glossary if needed. throughout, the pixel world on display was really engaging and if anything i wanted it to be bigger. i wanted to explore inside the other houses and buildings, i wanted more world.

But exploring this world did have some issues. Most of the time when i was walking around the world it felt like the game was stuttering. instead of the screen moving smoothly as i walked, it felt like it was stuttering. and when it came to some story moments, the game had a loading screen. the issue is that the loading in this game takes a long time so it really held back the flow of the game and story.

But i'm not saying the story is bad. i was really getting into it, hence why the long loading times took me out of the experience. i felt that the game's tutorial was well included into the story and it felt natural. the only change i would make is removing the option to Buy Skills as it's really not needed and let the player know they need to hold down the A button when interacting with objects.

It will be interesting to see if the tech issues get enough in the way to distract from the story. unfortunately, there were some smaller issues like random black frames every now and then. this game has been patched already but i hope there are some more fixes to come. i'd like to continue to play this, but i may wait a little while and see if things like the stuttering can be fixed. But the world, the characters, and the story are great, tho they may be more suitable for an older audience and not the stereotypical Switch audience.