Monday, May 11, 2009

Poll - Which Twitter Feed Do You Want On QTE Blog?

I have found a different way of displaying QTE Gamers twitter feed and I want you, the readers to choose which is better/the one you would prefer?

The new one is flash based and takes longer to load, but it displays more tweets and more options.
The old one is much quicker to load, but has fewer tweets and options.

I'll give people a few days to choose which one they prefer before finally making the decision.

If you have other suggestions, please put them in the comments and i'll look into them and see if they work with blogger.

Re-Cap of The Weekends News (oldest to newest)


  • The Next Tony Hawk Game could be Tony Hawk Ride. it's mentioned on a resume of a director for Activsions PR.

  • PS3: It is rumored that Grand Theft Auto IV DLC The Lost And Damned will head to the PS3 in August.


  • a New Hitman Game has been confirmed, by Edios president Ian Livingstone, as being in developement.

  • DSi: The official announcement video for Pokemon Heart Gold / Soul Silver is online. its in japanease.

  • PS3:Sony CEO Howard Stinger, his evolution plans for the PS3 are moving from a closed system to a open one.

  • PS3: Picture emerges of Ratchet & Clank Future 2 being played, it's a pre E3 demo. Could there be a E3 Demo?.

  • PS3: the Wipeout HD update, 1.40, has been confirmed by Studio Liverpool to fix Stutter during online races.