Monday, January 16, 2023

Cloud Monday - Dark Void - A Fun Few Chapters With Some Streaming Issues

In today's Cloud Monday, I'm playing the PS3 version of Dark Void. it's a game i've played before on Xbox 360, so it was a nice nostalgic return to the game.

As for the streaming experience, i felt that controlling the game was fine. i didn't notice any input lag. but i do recommend changing the analogue stick sensitivity in the menu. once i did, i found that moving the camera became much more pleasant.

The video being streamed tho had some occasional issues. the game itself has it's own issues, so screen tearing, pop-in, and weird shadows/lighting isn't what i'm talking about, but something you will see. the biggest issue with the video being streamed to my PS4 was macroblocking. this is where colors and shapes get blocky. this only got in the way of gameplay once, but a few occasions it was plenty noticeable but i could play with it happening.

Because of this, i'll try playing the game another day at a different time to see if we get a better streaming experience or if it's a regular thing.