Sunday, November 14, 2010

QTE Tweets Of The Week

This top 10 shows the most clicked tweets from my News in brief Twitter stream. Its disappointing that for the second week running no posts from QTE Gamers made it into the top 10. the top 3 stories are not surprising as interest in Call Of Duty: Black Ops is understandably high. Fall Out: New Vegas at number 4 is also expected as the bugs in the game are starting to become as known as the game is.

10 360: Microsoft announce Kinect Standalone power supply's are now available from Microsoft for $34.99

9 Krome Studios say lay-offs did happen, but the studio is still open, projects still in development

8 Namco Bandai have trademarked "Ultimate Butouden" and "Zenkai Battle Royale", 2 Dragon Ball games speculated

7 PS3: Sony America have dismissed reports Gran Turismo 5 is coming out This month, no announcements have been made

6 Call Of Duty Black Ops review scores live, mostly near perfects with a couple lower than 8.5/10

5 THQ's Danny Bilson reveals you play a new character in Darksiders 2, takes place during same time as Darksiders

4 Bethesda say a "Comprehensive" patch for PC/PS3/360 versions of Fallout: new Vegas is coming in "Coming Weeks"

3 Wii: Videos of Call Of duty Black Ops leaked, buyer says the graphics look like a PSP game, not happy about it

2 PC: there are reports of Lag issues in Call Of Duty Black Ops, CPU Memory Leak speculated

1 Eurogamer have rundown of Call Of Duty Black Ops UK Launch Prices, most involve trading or buying another title

What Have You Played This Week?

I've made a commitment to play more games next week as the amount of time i've had for gaming recently has been pretty poor. expect to see a lengthy list of games next week!

Naruto: Broken Bonds – Xbox 360 – I've completed the game now and got several of the achievements, over 700 points!. The fact its taken me over a month to complete the game is nothing against the game at all, its my fault. The game itself does look old and feels somewhat average now. It controls well and it doesn’t take long to adjust to the controls if you played the first game like I did. The story is somewhat weak due to the filler stories added to the game and not the Naruto story lines. What's surprising is the amount of people still playing the game online. The online works very well and whilst it maybe simple it certainly is affective. It is hard to recommend this game if you've played Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 as it dosne't compare well, but if your doing what I did and watching Naruto from the beginning and playing the Naruto games then it should be a fine game to play

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 – PS3 – I reviewed this game and put over 24 hours into the review. I thought it was time to come back and play it again and i'm glad I did. The game still looks great and controls perfectly. As I have most of the single player trophies I played some of the online. The main problem with online, which wasn't apparent when reviewing the game, is the lag and stuttering. Game with good connection tend to play flawlessly, but those games with a less than perfect connection can be somewhat laggy. It is a shame as this game works best when running smooth. Its a bit hit and miss but don't let that be a reason for not trying the game or the online.

Did you manage to play more games than I have over the week, or do you have any comments on my experiences or questions about the games i've played? If you do, feel free to add them in the comments section.