Saturday, October 15, 2022

Online Saturday - Starlit K.A.R.T. - Is it Online???

Today's Online Saturday video is a little different. The game is Starlite K.A.R.T. (Kart) and i'm playing it on PS4. It's a free to play kart racing game that i assumed had online multiplayer. But, after playing it i'm not so sure. As a kart racer it's good. The tracks are fun, the music is nice, and there are plenty of powerups. i feel that it needs an extra kart to choose from, and putting the fastest speed behind a paywall, and not say game progression or in-game currency from playing it, sucks. But there is still plenty there to play.

But is it online? I don't know. a quick google search doesn't come up with answers either. there are 4 game modes, Cups, Versus, Bosses, and Challenges. Versus is couch gaming and cups is versus the Ai. Bosses is you playing against...well...bosses! Challenges tho, it's unclear who you're racing against as it's never said if it's other players, Ai, or a mix of both. If you know, please let me know in the comments. But, as a game mode itself it was fun and i didn't win everything, there was some challenge to it.