Sunday, April 5, 2009

What Have You Played This Week?

Killzone 2 - PS3 - i have now finally completed the game! the last part of the game is very hard, it took me hours to get past all the waves. still, i liked the end of the story, and really loved the game.

Peggle - 360 - Still fun, addictive, though i'm not really that great at it. nearly completed the first single player section.

Hitman:Blood Money - 360- I had always looked at this game and thought about getting it, so when i rented it i was excited. i hated it. couldn't even finish the second level. i hated the controls, the way it played...even some of the game mechanics. i don't think this holds up well nowadays.

Unreal III - PS3 - Been getting in some practice before mate gets his PS3 online and we can do it co-op. it's very good, graphics hold up well. and now my version got it's DLC, i'm looking forward to taking it online. doing single player at the moment whilst i hone i my skills

Flower - PS3 - it had been a while since i last played it, which is a shame cause i really like this game. the music, the graphics, the's all soo very good. it really is a must buy, and much like fl0w, i can see myself coming back to it time and time again

Feel free to comment on anything i've played and what you yourself has played over the last week.