Friday, February 27, 2009

Killzone 2 and lack of updates

Wow, what a game. but i have not been playing much of the single player.
i was in the beta, way back when, for Killzone 2 so i've used that experience to jump into the multiplayer and kick ass, lol.
there's not many games that i can dominate when playing online, so i'm fully enjoying this.
there are alot more maps than i've played before, and it's taking some time to adjust to them, but they are genearlly pretty good, a good mixture of close combat and distance.
i'm enjoying myself soo much i apologuise for the lack of updates, i'm keeping the twitter going pretty frequently.
but seriously, anyone with a ps3 should be playing this, well i'd say flower as well. it has the best graphics, the best multiplayer...all things people have said the ps3 didn't have. here it is, now people go and enjoy it.