Saturday, May 20, 2023

Online Saturday - Meet Your Maker - One Month Later

Welcome to Online Saturday.
Today's video is my return to Meet Your Maker. i first tried this game back in April when it first came out,, but back then i was having a hard time with it. i decided to leave it for a bit and come back. hopefully things like raid difficulty would become more realistic. the game has had a few patches since then, with 1.06 being the most recent for this game play video.

Unfortunately, i didn't really notice any differences. loading times are still long, raid difficult levels still seem out of balance, and overall i didn't enjoy it any more than the first time. i did manage to defeat a few bases and it was satisfying to do so. but i didn't enjoy it.

I've come to the conclusion that this game isn't for me. i do enjoy the feel of the controls. i've mentioned a few times that it feels somewhat nostalgic to games like Unreal Tournament. but the game attached to it doesn't quite feel right. the controls feel floaty and fast compared to the gameplay and mechanics which seem to require stealth, slow cautious exploration, and for some reason a grappling hook. in some ways, it feels like two different ideas for the game were smashed together and this was the result, rather than the two being stitched tightly together.