Saturday, April 15, 2023

Online Saturday - Kartrider: Drift - A Fun First Hour

Welcome to Online Saturday.
Today's video is on a relatively new kart racer by Nexon. i played this game on my PS4 but it is out across many other platforms including Xbox, PC, iOS, and Android.

Going in i expected two things, kart racing and a drift racing style. needless to say this game delivers on them both and delivers a lot more. This game is not just an online game but has single player modes and options to change opponents from other racers to Ai racers. but it's not immediately clear this is the case. i didn't know that the game is set to Ai and Humans as a default until it asked me whether i wanted to switch to human only players. This isn't something i've seen before and it's very welcomed.

The game has many other accessibility features which make it very approachable for gamers of many different skills. right at the beginning it checks what controls you want to use, and whilst this may seem a strange choice it's because it leads from the next cutscenes straight into the tutorial. but these can all be changed in the settings menu. other accessibility features can be added and controls can be also be changed where individual buttons can be mapped. it would be worth checking these out so you can play the game how you want to play it.

As for playing it, it's a lot of fun. the art style is distinctive and looks really crisp. as with any racing game, it takes a couple of races to adjust to the handling but this game is mostly fine from the beginning as the circuits you start with are made to be easy. the Lobby screen looks great but is fairly simple. it gets the job done i suppose and follows a design language similar to Gundam Evolution, of which there are videos in this Online Saturday Playlist. When you go into the mode select, a surprising amount of modes appear. so much that it's surprising the game doesn't promote them more. it defaults to a Mario Kart style racer with item boxes. but in the option mode there are soo many more to chose from. there's a Gran Turismo style license mode that unlocks more difficult tracks as you progress. there's a speed mode that focus more on racing skill. there's a grand prix mode that's unlocked when you get the B1 License. there's a fun Factory Run mode that pits your team against robot's, each lap the last 8 racers are eliminated and the winning team is who ever gets first. there are two more modes, that i didn't try out this video, with a classic Time Attack and a Custom Race.

Overall, i do recommend people trying this game out. it's a free to play game that has a lot to offer, more than what i got to see in the hour i played it. It looks great and other than an issue with my first Factory Run race, ran near perfectly. i had a lot of fun and i won't be deleting this game.