Friday, October 15, 2010

CyberConnect2 Have Released A Video Of President/CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama Showing The Studio And Talking About Its History

Namco Bandai have released a new video of a Studio tour round the CyberConnect2 Office. CyberConnect2 are the developers behind Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 and this is the game they were working on when this video was filmed. the studio's President/CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama talks about the history of the company, how he went from a construction job to starting the company. he also talks about his love for Manga/Anime and the games they make.

Namco Bandai Have Released New Splatterhouse Screenshots

Namco Bandai have released new screenshots for Splatterhouse. these in-game screenshots show Rick attacking many different enmies, sometimes with weapons, and also show him exploring the world.


Nintendo Announce The Wii Remote Plus Is Coming Out On 5th November In The UK

Nintendo have announced the Wii Remote Plus, a combination of the original Wii Remote and Wii Motion Plus, is coming to the UK on 5th November. there will be 4 colours Available at launch, white, black, pink and blue, and the controller will have the same dimensions as the original Wii Remote. Existing peripherals like the nunchcuk can be plugged in.

From Nintendo UK

This Weeks UK WiiWare, DSiWare, And Virtual Console Releases

Nintendo UK have revealed the games coming out today on the WiiWare and DSiWare services. There are no Virtual Console games coming out this week, but there are 2 WiiWare and 4 DSiWare games. Nintendo have released a video showing gameplay from each of the games, it can be found in the link below, and i have included screenshots for some games.



miffy's world


GO Series Pinball Attack!

QuickPick Farmer

Music on: Playing Piano

Academy: Tic-Tac-Toe - Noughts and Crosses

From Nintendo UK

BioWare Reveal Dragon Age II: BioWare Signature Edition, Announce Pre-Orders Get It For Free

BioWare have revealed the Dragon Age II: BioWare Signature Edition. This limited edition comes with over $20 of additional content including a download code for an additional character and new missions, the Dragon Age II Digital Soundtrack, and In-Game Digital armory. BioWare have announced that all those who have pre-ordered the game, previously and up till 11th January, will get the Dragon Age II: BioWare Signature Edition for no additional cost. after 11th January, the Dragon Age II: BioWare Signature Edition will not be available for pre-order.


Press Release

EDMONTON, Alberta--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Leading video game developer BioWare™, a division of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:ERTS), announced today the Dragon Age™ II BioWare Signature Edition. This limited edition of the highly anticipated action RPG will be available at no extra cost for gamers who pre-order Dragon Age II before January 11, 2011. Featuring over $20 of additional content, the Dragon Age II BioWare Signature Edition includes the full version of Dragon Age II, along with a download code for an additional playable character and new missions, the Dragon Age II digital soundtrack, an exclusive in-game digital armory featuring a variety of weapons and other digital items. The Dragon Age II BioWare Signature Edition will only be available for pre-order and online purchase on or before January 11, 2011.*

“Over the past 15 years, we’ve been privileged to have the support of a passionate community of fans, who continue to grow in number with every game we release,” said Dr. Ray Muzyka, Senior Vice President of Electronic Arts and co-founder and Group General Manager of BioWare. “The BioWare Signature Edition ofDragon Age II is a chance for us to reward loyal fans who pre-order the game by providing them with additional high-quality content for free.”

Dragon Age II is the sequel to the 2009’s “RPG of the Year,” featuring faster-paced action, striking new art direction and a gripping storytelling approach that allows gamers to experience the rise to power with the game’s key character, Hawke. A refugee who survives the destruction of his homeland, Hawke becomes the Champion of Kirkwall but the lore surrounding his rise to power is shrouded in myth and rumor. These mysteries are the driving force behind the all-new Dragon Age II story, which spans nearly 10 years in the Dragon Age universe. Players will experience how the legend unfolds by gathering the deadliest of allies, making tough moral choices, amassing fame and fortune and sealing their place in history.

Dragon Age II will be available on the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system and PC in North America on March 8, 2011 and in Europe on March 11, 2011. For more information on Dragon Age II, please visit, follow the game at and on Facebook at

After January 11, 2011 the Dragon Age II BioWare Signature Edition will no longer be available for purchase or pre-order.

About BioWare
BioWare develops high quality console, PC and online role-playing games, focused on rich stories, unforgettable characters and vast worlds to discover. Since 1995, BioWare has created some of the world's most critically acclaimed titles, including Baldur's Gate™, Neverwinter Nights™, Star Wars®: Knights of the Old Republic™, Jade Empire™, Mass Effect™ and Dragon Age™. BioWare operates in Edmonton (Alberta, Canada), Montreal (Quebec), Austin (Texas), Fairfax (Virginia) and Galway (Ireland). Currently announced projects at BioWare include the development of ongoing downloadable content for Mass Effect 2, one of the highest rated video games of all time, Dragon Age 2, the highly anticipated sequel to 2009’s “RPG of the Year”Dragon Age: Origins, and the story-driven massively multiplayer online game, Star Wars®: The Old Republic™. In 2008, BioWare was acquired by Electronic Arts, a leading global interactive entertainment publisher. For more information on BioWare, visit, or follow us on Twitter at To join the millions of fans already registered on our community, go to

About Electronic Arts
Electronic Arts Inc. (EA), headquartered in Redwood City, California, is a leading global interactive entertainment software company. Founded in 1982, the Company develops, publishes, and distributes interactive software worldwide for video game systems, personal computers, wireless devices and the Internet. Electronic Arts markets its products under four brand names: EA SPORTS™, EA™, EA Mobile™ and POGO™. In fiscal 2010, EA posted GAAP net revenue of $3.7 billion and had 27 titles that sold more than one million units. EA's homepage and online game site is More information about EA's products and full text of press releases can be found on the Internet at

BioWare, Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Jade Empire are trademarks of EA International (Studio and Publishing) Ltd. EA, EA SPORTS, EA Mobile and POGO are trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. Xbox and Xbox 360 are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies. PlayStation is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Microsoft Announce Noble Map Pack For Halo Reach Comes Out 30th November For 800 MS Points

Microsoft have revealed the first map pack for Halo Reach. The Nobel Map Pack is set to come out on 30th November for 800 MS Points and bring to Halo Reach 3 new multiplayer maps and 250 additional Gamerscore points. The 3 maps are Tempest, an abandoned Shore Line Facility, Anchor 9, a low orbit dry dock, and Breakpoint, Icy Modular archaeological labs.

Tempest supports 8 – 16 players and offers a variety of modes including Free for All, Team Slayer, Team Objective and Big Team Battle. Tempest also provides players with a huge Forge palette. Anchor 9 allows 2-8 players to face off in game variants including Free for All, Team Slayer and Team Objective. Breakpoint offers multiplayer mayhem for 8-16 players, and supports the Invasion and Big Team Battle game variants.


Press Release

LONDON - 14 October 2010 – On 30 November, the first map pack for the biggest game of the year, “Halo: Reach,” launches on Xbox LIVE and at retail locations worldwide. The Noble Map Pack introduces three new explosive environments into the online multiplayer battlefield, each designed to reinforce all of “Halo: Reach’s” vital warfronts, from small scale engagements to massive Invasion battlegrounds.

The blockbuster prequel to the landmark “Halo” trilogy, “Halo: Reach” generated more than $200 million in sales in the first 24 hours in the U.S. and Europe, eclipsing every game, movie and music premiere this year and solidifying its status as the biggest U.K. entertainment launch of 2010. With the release of the Noble Map Pack on 30 November, the fight for humanity will continue to rage on a galactic scale, from a frozen xeno-archaeology site harbouring centuries old secrets, to an orbital anchor defending the stars high above planet Reach and to mysterious places far, far beyond:

Tempest – “Though we may never fully understand these devices, it is not our nature to leave ancient stones unturned.” This abandoned shoreline facility bends both sea and sky to an unnatural purpose, but the ground itself has quickly become another all too familiar battlefield. Though the two opposing symmetrical bases may never reveal their ancient purpose, both now offer makeshift shelter and access to strategic routes perfectly suited for small and large scale skirmishes alike. Tempest supports 8 – 16 players and offers a variety of modes including Free for All, Team Slayer, Team Objective and Big Team Battle. Tempest also provides players with a huge Forge palette, allowing them to create new custom map variants that can be shared with the community-at-large

Anchor 9 – “Orbital dockyards provide rapid refuelling and repairs for a variety of UNSC vessels.” Within the confines of this low orbit dry-dock, UNSC craft undergo rapid repair and rearmament in support of the enduring war effort. But for the small squads of infantry who now fight over the mirrored interior hallways and open central hangar bay, this platform no longer provides any safe harbour – whether the close quarters combat is occurring inside or out of its artificial gravitational field. Anchor 9 allows 2-8 players to face off in game variants including Free for All, Team Slayer and Team Objective

Breakpoint – “ONI officials believe the data buried within this artefact is key to our survival.” Atop this icy precipice, the Invasion continues. These modular archaeological labs were never intended to withstand such a large scale onslaught of Covenant military power, but the information being extracted here may prove vital to humanity’s survival. In response to the imminent Covenant threat, UNSC ground and air assets have been deployed to bolster entrenched Spartan countermeasures. This dig site must yield salvation, or it will become a grave. Breakpoint offers multiplayer mayhem for 8-16 players, and supports the Invasion and Big Team Battle game variants

Developed by award-winning studio Bungie, the Noble Map Pack will include all new Achievements worth a total of 250 Gamerscore and will be available for purchase for 800 Microsoft Points either directly from Xbox LIVE or with a Microsoft Points card sold at retail locations worldwide.

Hudson Have Released A Second Developer Interview And Screenshots For Lost In Shadow

Hudson have released a new developer interview and screenshots for their upcoming Nintendo Wii game, Lost In Shadow. this is the second developer interview for the game and it focuses more on the boys shadow, the tower, and the look and feel of them both. they even talk about the shadow enemies, or residents as they call them, in the game.


eastasiasoft Announce The Last Chapter, A Downloadable Expansion For Söldner-X 2: Final Prototype

eastasiasoft have announced The last Chapter, a downloadable expansion for Söldner-X 2: Final Prototype coming to the PSN for $4.99. This expansion adds 3 news tages, 13 new challenges, 11 new trophies, and a new ending to the Söldner-X 2: Final Prototype storyline. eastasiasoft have also announced a patch is coming for all Söldner-X 2: Final Prototype that will add a new "Massive Attack" Diffiuclty as well as improvements to the game.


Press Release

Hong Kong - October 14, 2010 - eastasiasoft, Hong Kong-based publisher of interactive entertainment, announced today that Söldner-X 2: Final Prototype - The Last Chapter, a downloadable expansion pack to the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system exclusive, shoot 'em up game, Söldner-X 2: Final Prototype, is touching down on the PlayStation®Network in early November costing just $4.99.

Right in time for the holiday season, The Last Chapter expands the original game experience by introducing three brand new and exciting stages. Further included in this add-on are 13 diverse new challenges, 11 additional trophies, a new story ending and a few more surprises.

Available at the same time and accessible to all Söldner-X 2: Final Prototype gamers is a patch that delivers a new "Massive Attack" difficulty mode, along with some additional new features and improvements.

For more product information, visit and

About eastasiasoft and SideQuest Studios:
eastasiasoft ( is a Hong Kong-based, interactive entertainment publisher specializing in computer and video games. Founded in 2007, SideQuest Studios is a video game development studio consisting of industry veterans and talented programmers, artists and musicians. SideQuest Studios premiered with their breakthrough title, Söldner-X: Himmelsstürmer, for the PlayStation®3 system and the PC. Söldner-X 2: Final Prototype is rated E for Everyone by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB). Please visit the Entertainment Software Rating Board website at for more information about ratings.

EA Have Released A Behind The Scenes Look At Monopoly Streets

EA have released a new behind the scenes look at Monopoly Streets. the games senior producer, Jeff Peters, talks about the reason they made a 3D Monopoly game. he also reveals the Xbox 360 version will have Avatars, both as your playable character and also your freind Avatars will populate the world. he talks about many of the games features, showing in-game footage to highlight them, including online play and graphical changes in the game.

Capcom Have Released A Video From New York Comic Con Of Keiji Inafune Discussing Mega Man Legends 3

Capcom have released a new video for Mega Man Legends 3 Project. this video is taken mostly from Keiji Inafune's new York Comic Con appearance, 10/10/10, where he discussed the Mega Man Legends 3 project. Its a lenghty discussion and Keiji Talks about how he wants to get the fans engaged with the project and talks about many ways fans can be apart of it. some renders/concept art are shown but they're not taken from Nintendo 3DS Hardware.

Funcom Have Released New Gameplay Videos For Bloodline Champions

Funcom have released new gameplay videos for Bloodline Champions. each of these videos focuses on a specific job/class in the game. a narrator helps describes each of the jobs/classes and uses in-game action to show their moves and tips on how to use each class.



Spear Master


Hit X Podcast: All The News From QTE Gamers From Thursday 14th October

This is all the news from Thursday14th October.

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The Re-Cap: News From QTE Gamers From Thursday 14th October

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  • QTE Blog: Hit X Podcast: All The News From QTE Gamers From Wednesday 13th October
  • iPad: Verizon Wireless will sell WiFi iPads in their stores, 16GB $630, 32GB $730, 64GB $830, 1GB monthly usage for $20
  • PS3: Konami announce a patch is coming for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow that fixes the save glitch
  • QTE Blog: Harmonix Reveal The Full Track List To Dance Central And Release A New Gameplay Video
  • QTE Blog: This Weeks USA PSP Digital Comic Store Update
  • PC: Gamers who bought Borderlands on Steam have received a code to access "Duke Nukem Forever First Access Club."
  • PC: Blizzard are not banning people for just cheating in single player, some cheats effect both single/multiplayer
  • Michael Pachter predicts Steam will allow you to trade in unwanted titles and exchange them for another, for a fee
  • QTE Blog: Sony Announce A Discless Netflix App Is Coming To The PS3 From 18th October
  • PS3: Polyphony Digital's Kazunori Yamauchi says Gran Turismo 5 delay is “inexcusable” and apologises
  • PC: 2K Announce a big patch is coming for Civilization V, AI, Modding, Multiplayer, Gameplay, UI, all effected
  • Tesco say they want 20% of all UK game sales by 2012 and become as good as a specialised videogame retailer
  • QTE Blog: EA Have Released A New Video For Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit
  • 360: Guwange is coming to XBLA on 10th November. this is a XBLA port of the 1999 arcade game
  • Zynga is hiring for a new office based in Seattle, it'll be its 12th USA office
  • Harvest Moon creator Yasuhiro Wada + Little King’s Story creator Yoshiro Kimura leave Marvelous to join Grasshopper
  • QTE Blog: Sega Announce Crazy Taxi Is Coming To The PS3 And Xbox 360 On 24th November
  • QTE Blog: Sega Have Released A New Vanquish Trailer
  • QTE Blog: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Have Released A New Trailer For The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest
  • 3DS: Devs Renegade Kid announce they are developing for the 3DS
  • 360: A, now deleted, post on Facebook from Xbox Germany announces the friend limit is increasing from 100 to 1000
  • QTE Blog: Atari Announce Star Raiders And Release A Teaser Trailer
  • QTE Blog: EA Announce Medal Of Honor Day 1 Sales Exceed EA Day 1 Forecasts
  • Disney have cancelled Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned, Propaganda Games suffer layoffs
  • PS3: Gran Turismo 5 Delay was executive decision, no ones really happy about it
  • PS3: strongly rumoured Gran Turismo 5 Delay due to Sony insisting game ship with Firmware 3.50+need time to make 7M discs
  • QTE Blog: Sega Announce Conduit 2 Is Coming Out On The Wii In February 2011
  • QTE Blog: Atari Have Released A New Trailer For Test Drive Unlimited 2
  • EA have confirmed NBA Jam on the PS3 and Xbox 360 will come out on Disc at retail
  • Wii: Gaijin Games announce Bit. Trip Fate is coming out on WiiWare for 800 Wii Points on 25th October
  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow producer Dave Cox say's he wants to make a 3D Contra,