Sunday, October 30, 2022

Switch Funday - Splatoon 3 - Tableturf Battle

Welcome to Switch Funday.
This video focuses on the final part of Splatoon 3 that i had yet to play, Tableturf Battle.

Simply put, Tableturf Battle is a card game that's in Splatoon 3 that has the same goal as Turf War, ink the most. This is done very differently from Turf War as this card game has some unique rules. I'm not a card gamer so i don't know how good a card game it is, but for me personally it's not one i'd go into the game to play. If it was a part of Splatnet 3, then i might play on the go on my phone. but if i'm playing the game, i'm playing one of the other game modes.