Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Switch Funday - Pokémon Violet - 20 Online Random Tera Raid Battles 3

Today's Switch Funday is a return to Online Radom Tera Raid battles in Pokémon Violet. I enjoy these raid battles, i never know what i'll battle against or what Pokémon i'll fight alongside. 

In today's video, there was a weird connection issue. you'll see an issue with the 15th battle where we wait several minutes before we can start fighting. Then with the 16th battle, it's a repeat of the 15th. that has to be an error as the chances of it happening must surely be astronomically low.

There's no real standout catch, but at the end of the video i do decide to swap out my Arctibax for the newly caught Frigibax as it has a much better hidden move and Tera Type.