Sunday, July 10, 2011

What Have You Played This Week?

Yes it's back. I honestly forgot to write this a couple of times, mostly cause I was either playing a game or watching a movie. I had played several games over the past couple of weeks, one I particularly enjoyed was Dante's Inferno. This week I didn't get too much played and I imagine next week will also bad as i'm going to be busy.

Football Manager 2010 – PC – Yes i'm still playing. I'm still in the premiership and i'm a mid table team right now. I'm currently in April and getting transfers ready to boost my team to try and get Europe. I'm also trying to get Vanuatu to the World Cup. Qualification is easy except for New Zealand. What ever the outcome I will quit either after the qualification or after the world cup. I want to manage a bigger nation, i've done all I can in the 4 years i've been with Vanuatu.

Pokèmon White – DS – Not too much played. Mostly i've been catching Pokèmon online and transferring them to my game.

Might & Magic: Clash Of Heroes – PS3 – i've completed the necromancer part of the story and i'm making my way through the next story, I can't remember names but this kid is in demon country. The game is getting hard now but still enjoyable.

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen – PS3 – I played the first movie tie-in game on the 360 and whilst it was decent, it had some tech issues like real big difficulty spikes that made it less fun to play. This game looks better but i'm only a few levels in and i'm having issues. There are no subtitles which is annoying as the voice of the robots is either too loud or too quiet. You also have to hold a button to stay transformed which is also a pain. I'm not much of a fan of having to complete a level within a time limit either, but i'm going to keep on playing before commenting too much more.

Tiny Tower – iPhone – I have played this game way too much. It has a simple bit look to it with loads of charm. You basically run a tower and have to keep building it up, having residents to work in the businesses in the tower. The game runs in real time and always appears to be running. Its easy to get wrapped up in it...and I certainly have. Its hard to describe why it's addictive, the game is very simple and there's not much to it.

Mr.Ninja – iPhone – This game was on offer and several people on twitter had recommended it. It has a great artstyle and the music is very appropriate for the game. All you do is tell the ninja to jump at certain points. The aim is to jump at the right moment to kill all the enemies. The platform your trying to do this from is a round circle.