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Taito Has Launched Bust-A-Move (Puzzle Bobble) On The iPhone And iPod Touch
Taito has announced that they have released Bust-A-Move (Puzzle Bobble) on iPhone and iPod Touch worldwide. the game costs US$4.99, EUR3.99, JPY600, and £2.99.

The game features a new control option called Sling Shot, taking advantage of the iPhones touch capabilities. the game also uses Bluetooth for a VS Mode, but also comes with a story mode which has 180 stages. the game also has a challenge mode which can randomly generate stages.

Press Release

Action Puzzle Classic Released to iPhone and iPod touch Users Worldwide
LOS ANGELES (September 3, 2009) — TAITO Corporation (TAITO®), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd., today announced the worldwide release of the beloved puzzle action game BUST-A-MOVE® (known as PUZZLE BOBBLE® outside of North America) to the Apple® App Store™ for iPhone® and iPod® touch.

Action puzzle game BUST-A-MOVE has benefited from considerable popularity since its initial arcade release in 1994, with subsequent home console editions enjoying consistently strong sales worldwide. While the game's mechanics are simple—link three or more identical bubbles to clear them from the screen—a great degree of skill and strategy (banking shots off walls, erasing several bubbles at once, etc.) are required to gain a truly high score. It is this depth that is the secret of BUST-A-MOVE's enduring appeal.

A BUST-A-MOVE Series First: Sling Shot Play!
This edition of BUST-A-MOVE includes two different control options: Tap Shot, in which a bubble is launched in the direction tapped, and the pull and release Sling Shot method. New to the BUST-A-MOVE series, this Sling Shot mode is both perfectly suited to the iPhone's capabilities and an innovative way to enjoy the game.

Packed with iPhone-Specific Features and Stunning Updated Graphics!
This edition boasts a number of features created especially for the iPhone, including a VS. Mode--making full use of the new iPhone OS 3.0 Bluetooth® capabilities--and a rich Story Mode. Chronicling Bub's quest to rescue best friend Chack'n's captured family from a series of Magic Domes, the deluxe Story Mode follows the adventurous pair as they visit six Domes and complete a total of 180 stages. This release also includes the potentially endless, random-bubble generating Challenge Mode.

TAITO will continue to release high-quality games that take full advantage of the iPhone and iPod touch's individual characteristics.


Release Date:
Now Available
Game (Puzzle / Action), Entertainment
US$4.99 / EUR3.99 / JPY600 (including sales tax)
iPhone / iPod touch
Compatible OS:
iPhone OS 3.0
©TAITO CORP.1994, 2009

About TAITO Corporation
TAITO Corporation (TAITO) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd. With headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, TAITO operates core businesses such as game arcade operations, coin-operated game machines, and mobile phone content services. A seminal part of gaming history, TAITO caused a worldwide sensation with its arcade legend, SPACE INVADERS®, and developed such fan favorites as EXIT™ and ARKANOID®. Today, TAITO continues to thrill game lovers of all generations by offering both classic and new family-oriented titles on the latest gaming platforms. TAITO delivers a wide range of entertainment experiences with the goal of providing consumers with fresh surprises and new discoveries. More information on TAITO can be found on the Internet at

ARKANOID, EXIT, SPACE INVADERS, PUZZLE BOBBLE, BUST-A-MOVE, TAITO and the TAITO logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of TAITO Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. SQUARE ENIX is a registered trademark of Square Enix Holdings Co. Ltd., in the United States and/or other countries. Apple, iPhone, iPod, and App Store are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG Inc. in the United States and/or other countries

New Trailer For A Boy And His Blob On The Nintendo Wii

Majesco has released a new trailer for their upcoming A Boy And His Blob remake on the Nintendo Wii. the trailer shows many of the Blobs transformations, as well as many of the games levels. the narrator of the trailer also gives some idea as to what the plot is, and some of the games unlockables.

Screenshots And Character Art For KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days On The Nintendo DS

Nintendo has released new screenshots and character art for the upcoming Nintendo DS game,KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days. the screenshots all show the main characters in the game.

The game is set whilst Sora sleeps. it revolves around Roxas and his days in the Organisation XIII. the story resolves around finding the connection between Roxas, Sora and the 14th member.


Fact Sheet

Uncover the events that took place during the year Sora was asleep regaining his lost memories. KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days revolves around Roxas, the "other" hero from KINGDOM HEARTS II, and his days as a member of Organization XIII. Follow Roxas and the rest of Organization XIII across the various Disney Worlds, and discover the connection between him, Sora, and the mysterious 14th member, and the reasons behind his eventual departure from the organization. KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days also features a multiplayer mode for the first time, allowing players to control their favorite Organization XIII members!

In KINGDOM HEARTS, Sora turned the Keyblade on himself in order to release Kairi’s heart, but his heart was also released in the process. This brought about the creation of Roxas, Sora’s Nobody. Unlike most Nobodies, however, Roxas has no memories of his past. He joins Organization XIII and slowly begins to discover the truth behind his existence and the Organization itself. He meets and befriends the fourteenth member of the Organization, who also has no recollection of her past. What will Roxas see during his time in the Organization? What is the connection between him, Sora and the fourteenth member? And what becomes of them? Dive into the heart of the KINGDOM HEARTS storyline’s biggest secrets.


Familiar action-packed KINGDOM HEARTS gameplay that has captivated fans worldwide

“Panel System” – a brand-new system that allows you to customize Roxas’s arsenal by placing abilities, items and weapon parts into allotted slots

A series-first multiplayer mode, allowing up to four players to control any Organization XIII member

Learn about the origins of the “Organization XIII” name

Get to know the members of Organization XIII, including the mysterious fourteenth member

Finally experience the KINGDOM HEARTS storyline’s missing chapter

Screenshots And Character Art For Mario And Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story On The Nintendo DS

Nintendo have released new screenshots and character art for the upcoming Nintendo DS game,Mario And Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.

the game has two story lines, one for Mario and Luigi inside Bowser and one for Bowser. events inside Bowser can have effects on Bowser and what he's doing.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

Fact Sheet

Mario & Luigi Show Their Intestinal Fortitude
In his evil plot to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, Fawful tricks Bowser™ into eating a magic mushroom. The mushroom causes Bowser to begin inhaling everything around him, including Mario™, Luigi™ and Princess Peach™! Do the Mario Bros. have the guts to rescue Peach and escape?

• Players are in control of two separate storylines. One features Bowser and his efforts to stop an arch-villain from taking over his castle. Meanwhile, inside Bowser, the microbe-sized Mario & Luigi must muscle their way through challenges and keep their nerve if they want to find a way out. They take action to control Bowser from the inside – but without his knowledge.
• Players can switch between storylines at will. What happens inside Bowser affects what he’s doing on the outside. Sometimes Mario & Luigi must solve puzzles and challenges behind the scenes to help Bowser overcome various obstacles and advance the plot.
• Players must make well-timed button presses to enhance their performance during battles and challenges. In some battles, Bowser grows so large that players must turn their Nintendo DS or Nintendo DSi™ system sideways, blow into the microphone or tap on the touch screen with the stylus to keep up with the action.
• The game features the same hilarious dialogue that has been the hallmark of the Mario & Luigi series.

Screenshots And Character Art For Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box On The Nintendo DS

Nintendo has released screenshots and character Art for the Nintendo DS game, Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. the screenshots show some of the puzzles, in game videos, and character interaction, whilst the character art is for most of the main cast of the game.

The fact sheet details that he game has downloadable puzzles if the Nintendo DS is connected to a WiFi Spot. the game itself has 150 puzzles, riddles, and brain teasers.

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box

Fact Sheet

A New Mystery is Afoot
Puzzle master Professor Layton and his apprentice, Luke, have
stumbled upon another mystery. It’s up to them to navigate their way
through numerous puzzles to determine who – or what – caused the
death of Professor Layton’s mentor, Dr. Schrader. Was it the mysterious
Elysian Box, rumored to kill all who open it? Professor Layton and Luke
find a clue that begins their adventure: a train ticket for the Molentary

• Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box features a riveting new mystery and more
than 150 new brain teasers, riddles and logic puzzles to challenge and delight
• Beyond the puzzles found in the game, players with a broadband Internet connection
who connect their Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi™ systems to Nintendo® Wi-Fi
Connection will get access to downloadable bonus puzzles after the game launches.
• The new game includes a significantly greater amount of voice work and animated
movie scenes compared to the original

Flipnote Studio Instructions And Some Popular User Created Examples

I included 5 of the more popular user created examples of what can be created using the software. some are drawn, some are pictures, some are very detailed, whilst some are simple. most are in Japanese, as Flipnote studio came out there first, and some finish rather abruptly, due to size limitations.

You can head to to view more user created animations with Flipnote Studio.


Flipnote Studio provides users with simple tools that let them draw and save a series of images to create an animation reminiscent of flipping through a notepad. Flipnote Studio makes it easy for anyone to jump in and create animations, regardless of their artistic abilities.

Here's how it works: Users draw an image on the touch screen of the Nintendo DSi system. When they are ready to draw the next image in the sequence, Flipnote Studio shows an outline of the previous image as a reference. Once all the images are in place, the software can animate them as a creation called a Flipnote. People can add sound to their Flipnotes using the built-in microphone or using sounds they previously recorded in the Nintendo DSi Sound application. Or they can import photos as black and white images from the Nintendo DSi Camera album.

The results can be comical, dramatic or experimental. Once people become registered users of Hatena's Web site at, they can then upload their finished creations to the Flipnote Hatena site, operated by Hatena Co. Ltd, where others can view their creations – Nintendo DSi owners can even download other people's Flipnotes from Flipnote Hatena and then modify them to create their own unique works. Users can also share their Flipnotes using the Nintendo DSi local wireless feature and save their Flipnotes to an SD Card (sold separately) for easy storage.

New Screenshots For Super Mario Bros. On The Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Have released new screenshots for the Nintendo Wii game, Super Mario
Bros. the screenshots show many of the environments in the game, as well as the multiplayer action in the game.

The fact sheet details that Yoshi is in the game, and players can ride him and use him to eat enemies. new powerups in the game include the propeller suit, which will shoot players high into the sky with just a shake of the Wii Remote, and Mario’s new ability to transform into Penguin Mario. the game features Mario and Luigi, whilst the other two players play as two different Toads.

Super Mario Bros.

Fact Sheet

A Classic Mario Adventure that Everyone Can Enjoy – at the Same Time
Developers at Nintendo have dreamed of creating a simultaneous multiplayer Super Mario
Bros.™ game for decades. The Wii console finally makes that dream come true for everyone
this holiday season. Now players can navigate the side-scrolling worlds alone as before or
invite up to three others to join them at the same time on the same level at any point in the
game for competitive and cooperative multiplayer fun. With the multiplayer mode, the newest
installment of the most popular video game franchise is designed to bring yet another type of
family entertainment into living rooms and engage groups of friends in fast-paced Super
Mario Bros. Fun.

• New Super Mario Bros. Wii offers a combination of cooperation and competition. Players can pick each other up to save them from danger or toss them into it.
• Mario™, Luigi™ and two Toads are all playable characters, while many others from the Mushroom Kingdom make appearances throughout the game. Players can even ride different Yoshi characters and use their tongues to swallow enemies – or their fellow players.
• In some areas, players use the motion abilities of the Wii Remote™ controller. The first player to reach a seesaw might make it tilt to help his or her character reach a higher platform – and then tilt it incorrectly just to mess with other players.
• New items include the propeller suit, which will shoot players high into the sky with just a shake of the Wii Remote and Mario’s new ability to transform into Penguin Mario.
• At the end of each stage during the simultaneous multiplayer mode, players are ranked based on their score, the coins collected and the number of enemies defeated.

New Screenshots For Pokémon Rumble On The Nintendo Wii's WiiWare

Nintendo has released new screenshots for their upcoming WiiWare release, Pokémon Rumble. the screenshots show that they are using the art style from the earlier Pokémon WiiWare release, My Pokémon Ranch. the screenshots show both single player action and 4 player action.

Pokemon Rumble

Screenshots For The Metroid Trilogy Collection On The Nintendo Wii

Nintendo has released some screenshots and character art form the Metroid Trilogy that's available, or soon to be, on the Nintendo Wii. the character art shows of some of the different Samus models and enemies, whilst the in game screenshots show many of the levels and environments in the trilogy set, as well as some of the enemies in the games.

Metroid Trilogy

Metroid Trilogy Art

Screenshots For The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks On The Nintendo DS

Nintendo have released new screenshots for the latest game in the Zelda franchise, The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks on the Nintendo DS. the screenshots show many different dungeons, enemies, and the Train.

Nintendo also released a fact sheet for the game, explaining some of the games features, like how the train aspect is quite indepth. you need to pick the best route, choose your speed carefully, and watch out for enemies and defend the train.

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

Fact Sheet

All Aboard for an Amazing New Adventure
The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks sets hero Link™ on a daring new adventure. The game
provides players with a new story, more puzzles and even a new mode of transportation. In this game, Link voyages by train, which offers up new possibilities for problem-solving. The game has the same look and feel established in the hit Nintendo DS game The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.

• Link has a valuable new companion. While navigating dungeons, he’s accompanied by a Phantom, a hulking suit of armor that responds to his commands. Players can tap the Phantom to take command of him, then draw a line on the touch screen to direct him where to go. The stout Phantom can walk through fire or lava, be used as a platform to carry Link above dangers, or even run interference to block Link from harm.

• When Link conducts the train, players enjoy a satisfying combination of action and real-time puzzle solving as they determine which track to take and how to best manipulate their speed. When on the train, Link must plot the best route to the end of the line around ever-moving obstacles. While en route, Link might need to fire an onboard cannon at enemies who attack the train or sound the whistle to scare animals off the tracks.

• Link uses a variety of new items and weapons, including the Whirlwind, which players activate by blowing into the microphone of the Nintendo DS or Nintendo DSi™ system.

• As with The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, players can draw notes on the in-game maps using the stylus on the touch screen.

Audio Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

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Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

  • QTE Blog: Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

  • QTE Blog: Audio Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

  • Sega has announced that they will reveal their motion games for 360/PS3 in early 2010.

  • PC: Capcom have no plans to bring Marvel Vs Capcom 2 orSuper Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix to PC.

  • PSPgo: developers, GameShastra, say the Minis will cost $1.50-$2.50. and that they have 30 games in the pipeline.

  • Japanese Hardware Charts, DSi 59.881, PSP 26.081, Wii 25.038, DS 7.304, Xbox 360 7.254, PS2 3.179, PS3 1.040

  • PC: Cryptic announce Star Trek Online Beta application is now live. you need to be a member of the site.

  • Bottle Rocket Entertainment have closed. they were making a Splatterhouse remake before Namco Bandai took them of it.

  • PS3: Engadget have a video of WipEout HD being played in 3D on a software modified PS3 Slim. they seem impressed

  • Wii: Games like fishing, Water slides, and kendama, were tried out but didn't make it into Wii Sports Resort.

  • Wii:the Japanese release of Sengoku Musou 3, Samurai Warrior 3, has a special Classic Controller Bundle.

  • Wii: No More Heroes 2 trailer has been released, as well as some gameplay demos.

  • PC: Capcom have said that they are working on a couple of projects whose lead platform is the PC.

  • DSi: The first official Okamiden screenshots have been released.

  • PSP: a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep has been released. its in Japanese. there's combat and characters

  • PS3: Top USA August PSN sales were, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Fat Princess, Battlefield 1943, FF VII, and Crystal Defenders

  • PS3: Little Big Planet Game of the Year Edition Demo Coming. Little Big Planet Saves will work if the game is up to date/

  • PS3: Sega has announced new Valkyria Chronicles DLC. Challenges from Team Edy is set for Winter 2010 release.

  • Capcom have announced that they are looking at creating More Resident Evil 5 DLC, wants to know what the community wants.

  • 360: The 360 version of Grand Theft Auto IV has been patched to stop people cheating in multiplayer matches.

  • its been announced that the racing game Blur has twitter support on both the PS3 and 360.

  • PS3: a new trailer for Sony's PS3 motion controller has been found. it shows many unseen before demo's

  • PS3: Sony say they are aware that some people have issues with firmware 3.0, and are working on a patch to solve them

  • A New study has found that 23.7% of xbox 360 consoles fail within 2 years, PS3 has 10% and Wii has 2.7%

  • Square Enix confirm they'll publish Modern Warfare 2 in Japan. They will also republish Call Of Duty 4 on the 360

  • there will be no announcements for Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Episode 3 at PAX.

  • PS3: Qgames made the "star dust" theme that came with firmware 3.0. say their Tikiman dynamic theme was the first made.

  • QTE Blog: New Character Screenshots, Concept Art, And Trailer For Funcoms The Secret World