Monday, September 5, 2022

Nintendo Switch Funday - Puzzle and Dragons: Nintendo Switch Edition - Lajoa Cup - Achievement Run

Thankfully any day can be Nintendo Switch Funday. My original plan was to do Online Cloud Gaming via the PS4 and PlayStation Plus Premium. But i'm unable to stream anything. i've sent them an email.

Today is the start of a new Cup in Puzzle and Dragons: Nintendo Switch Edition, so why not get stuck in and finish it early. In this video you'll see me complete all the achievements. But, you'll also see the online issues the game was having for the first few games. It got so bad, i was stuck in a lobby with no way to exit other than going to the Swtich's home screen and closing and restarting the game.

There was no challenging gimmick this week, so watch and see if i'm finally able to win a game but i actually defeat the boss? leave the video playing in the background and watch and findout.