Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Backlog Conquering - Papo & Yo - Part 5 - The Final Part

Welcome to Backlog Conquering.
Today's video is part 5, and the final part, of playing Papo & Yo on PlayStation 3.

in part 4,, i got stuck on a puzzle and said i would look up the answer. turns out i was doing it right but i was having terrible luck. so the video starts with me continuing with that puzzle. the only thing i did differently was where i put the frogs and starting with the house closest to where i had to go, then doing the middle one, and skipping the third one by walking across a wall.

From then on, i didn't have any issues completing the remaining puzzles and the game itself. the game had some technical issues in places with screen tearing, stuttering, and what felt like the frame rate decreasing.

But overall, i enjoyed my time playing the game. it's not the best, nor is it the most technically proficient, but it does something very important. it doesn't let difficulty get in the way. all but one of the puzzles were easy to solve and all but that same one came with a very useful help "box". if the monster got you, it never killed you. and if you fell, it wasn't to your death. the game would  very quickly restart you close to where you fell. the game's goal was never difficulty, the puzzles were never meant to stump you, you weren't punished by death. the goal was simply telling the story. and that it did very well. 

in the video, i gave the game a 7.5 assuming that a 5 would be average. i'd recommend giving this a go if you have it.