Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tate Media Announce Urban Trial Freestyle Comes To The 3DS eShop On 27th June

Tate Media have announced the 3DS version of Urban Trial Freestyle is set to come out on the 3DS eShop on 27th June. the game will feature over 45 levels, 5 cityscapes and 64 custom bike configurations. a exclusive feature for the 3DS version is the Track Editor.

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Deep Silver Have Released A Brief Video Of SUDA51 Saying Hi To His Killer Is Dead Fans

Deep Silver have released a brief video from SUDA51. this video has him showing a behind the scenes look at a press tour he's done for the game and has him saying hi to the fans.

Kalypso Have Released A E3 Trailer For Dark

Kalypso have released a E3 trailer for Dark.

Namco Bandai Announce Tekken Revolution, A Free To Play PS3 Exclusive Out From 11th June

Namco Bandai have revealed Tekken Revolution. this will be a free to play PS3 exclusive game that comes out from 11th June on the PSN. initially, there are 8 fighters to choose from and you can either fight against the AI or other humans online. new features include Special Arts and Critical Arts, which help newcomers fight against the more advance players.  another new feature is the ability to level up your characters by enhancing 3 attributes. each of these will affect your character to help them adjust to your playstyle, the attribute are Strength, Endurance and Vigor.

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Sega And Creative Assembly Have Released A New Trailer For Total War: Rome II Introducing Cleopatra

Sega and Creative Assembly have released a new cinematic trailer for Total War: Rome II introducing Cleopatra and the Egyptians.

Capcom Have Released 2 Trailers, Screenshots And Character Art For DuckTales Remastered

Capcom have released 2 videos for DuckTales Remastered showing the Amazon and Transylvania levels, as well as screenshots from each of those levels. Capcom have also released some character art for those shown in the trailers.


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