Wednesday, May 15, 2013

CyberConnect2 Have Released A Video Of Hiroshi Matsuyama Answering User Submitted Questions

CyberConnect2 have released an 8 minute video of their CEO and President Hiroshi Matsuyama answering user submitted user submitted questions. this was done at WonderCon 2013 and features Hiroshi Matsuyama cosplaying as Naruto. in it, he answers such questions like his thoughts on WonderCon, how he showed the characters aging/growing in Naurto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 and how the game is more than just battles, there's story and much more. he's not saying if there'll be a forth game in the series but does say that there'll be lots of DLC for Naurto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3.

Activision Have Released A New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows Trailer For Raphael

Activision have released a new character trailer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows. this video focuses on Raphael.

Lucid Games Have Released A Launch Trailer And Screenshots For Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery

Lucid Games have released a launch trailer and screenshots for Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery. Out this week, Episode 1 is on PS Vita for £1.59/ €1.99 and is 692MB in size.


Zero Punctuation - Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

With there being no retail releases at present, remember he is in Australia, Yahtzee has turned to digital downloads for a game to play and he's found Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. will this 80's throwback of lazers, dinosaurs and music be fun enough for him or will the game prove to be ultimately shallow and un-fullfilling.

Queasy Games Announce 80's And Dubstep DLC Comes To Sound Shapes This Week, Reveal 28th May Milkcrate Update

Queasy Games have announced new DLC for Sound Shapes comes out this week. for £0.79/€0.99 each you can get either the 80's pack or the Dubstep Sound Pack. each pack will include new notes, loops, five new Beat School levels, and five trophies.

Coming the 28th May as a free update is a new Milkcrate. this update will appear when you log into the game on 28th May and includes collections by:
  • Japanese media artist Baiyon 
  • Indie music label Ghostly International 
  • Pioneering game site Gamespot 
  • The kings of digital cool at
  • The fifth is Queasy-curated

Source: EU PlayStation Blog

Ubisoft Have Released A New Rayman Legends Trailer Showing Under The Sea Action

Ubisoft have released a new trailer for Rayman Legends. this trailer shows the characters having to work their way through an under water environment before introducing new enemies and the under water base. here you'll have to try to be stealthy as the enemies have night vision goggles.

Deep Silver Have Released A Launch Trailer For Metro Last Light

Deep Silver Have Released a launch trailer for Metro Last Light. this fast action packed trailer starts with a brief history of what forced them underground before moving to the survivors and your character trying to survive in the world.

Pokémon Company Reveal 4 New Pokémon, Release A New Gameplay Trailer And Reveal More Of The Kalos Region

The Pokémon Company and Nintendo have revealed plenty of new information for Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. first up is the reveal of the new look Pokédex. next we have 4 new Pokémon.

The cowardly Pokémon Helioptile, a Normal- and Electric-type Pokémon, can generate enough electricity through sunbathing to power machinery. But wise Trainers won’t be deterred by Helioptile’s lack of bravery. It knows Parabolic Charge, a brand-new move where Helioptile attacks everything around it. Helioptile's HP is restored by half the damage taken by those hit.

Fletchling, a Normal- and Flying-type Pokémon, sings with a beautiful chirp that is sure to delight any Trainer. Although it is known to be very friendly, Fletchling will suddenly unleash relentless attacks once it’s in battle. For example, when it uses its Fire-type move Flame Charge in battle, in addition to doing damage, Fletchling’s Speed increases every time.

With a leaf always in its mouth and an intimidating glare that is rarely effective, Fighting-type Pokémon Pancham shows its playful side when it lets out a little smile when its head is pat. Pancham can learn a brand-new move, Parting Shot, which not only lowers an opponent’s Attack and Special Attack, but also allows Pancham to switch out for another Pokémon in a Trainer’s party during battle.

Gogoat. This large Grass-type Pokémon is a reliable way to travel certain parts of Lumiose City. In battle, it can use Horn Leech to recover HP equal to half the damage dealt by this move.

A Map for the Kalos Region has also been released. the area is shaped like a star and is a mix of cities, forests and a large central city called Lumoise City.

Pokémon X and Pokémon Y have introduced a new method of transportation. in previous games there have been bikes, you can surf on Pokémon and even fly on them. now, your able to ride on them in-game. one of these new Pokémon is Gogoat and some of these special Pokémon will be needed to get around the central city of Lumoise, which is modeled on Paris.

And Finally, Pokémon Company have revealed the Boxart for both Pokémon X and Pokémon Y.
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