Thursday, August 31, 2023

Demo Play Thursday - Chants of Sennaar on Nintendo Switch

For this week's Demo Play Thursday i played the Nintendo Switch version of Chants of Sennaar. i was very curious about this game when i saw the screenshots on the Nintendo Switch eShop,, as they looked too good to be true. i don't mean to put down the graphical abilities of the switch, but these screenshots looked so crisp and the clear that i wanted to see if it's true.

I can honestly say this game looks amazing on Switch. The demo has it's own language and your main character doesn't know it. by using the context of when people talk to you and what you're doing, you can make notes as to what symbols of the language relate to what activity. your guess is in your language, so for me it's in English. when you're correct, the color changes and when you're wrong your guess is still used to try and understand what's being said. it worked soo well right up to when you can guess which symbol means what action. there's no hint if your guess is correct. in the demo you have a few actions and many symbols to chose from, but the game won't tell you if any of the guess are correct unless you get all of them correct. this was annoying as i don't know if i'm meant to fully understand or not. i feel that it needs a little more interaction with the player or at the very least an option for a hint for those who might obsess over it.

What made this demo stick out in my mind is how i wanted to keep on playing after it was done. i knew what i was going to do with my language notes in the next section and i wanted to see more of the world. the only issue with this in this demo was that, and i could be wrong, i couldn't see a message anywhere saying that my save would be carried over to the main game. If you're curious about the game or just looking for something different on Switch, i highly recommend trying Chants of Sennaar out.

*1st September UPDATE: rundisc have confirmed via X that "Concerning your question: yes, I can confirm that the saves from the demo will be usable in the final version of the game!"