Friday, August 7, 2009

Loads Of Pictures Of Xbox 360 Avatars Wearing Bought Clothes/Accessories

Microsoft has released loads of screenshots of Avatars wearing various clothes and items that can be bought in the new, upcoming, Avatar Marketplace.

Avatar Clothes

Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

Sorry for lack of posts yesterday. First my internet was down until early afternoon, and once it became stable enough, Twitter was shut down due to a hacking attempt. when Twitter came back online i did start to post news again, but it's unclear how many people were able to see them.

  • QTE Blog: Re-Cap of Yesterdays News (oldest to newest)

  • PS3: White Knight Chronicles is getting a EX Edition release in Japan that has all the DLC and will be 3.800 Yen.

  • PSP: Acquire are bringing a Gladiator series of games to the PSP. Gladiator Begins hits Japan on October 29th.

  • DSi: Dragon Quest IX has sold over 3.5 Million copies so far.

  • Konami posts financials.they sold 2.96 Million games. 28% on Wii, 20% PSP, 19% DS, 15% PS2, 13% PS3, 4% 360, and 1% PC.

  • PSP: Apparently the EU pre-orders for Gran Turismo are the same as the USA, but they do not have the Bugatti Veyron.

  • Sega is teasing a new RPG with a teaser site. an announcement is set for August 20th.

  • Tony Hawk Ride has been priced in the UK at £100. it is set for a November 20th release

  • There's no PAL (UK) release of Guitar Hero Van Halen this year. it currently has a 2010 TBD. USA Release is 22nd November

  • Infinity Ward is going to release a new Call Of Duty 4 patch to remove online exploits.

  • QTE Blog: UK PSN Update 06/08/09

  • PC: Batman Arkham Asylum release has been pushed. September 18th in UK and September 15th in USA. it'll support PhysX tech

  • iPhone: Pac Man Championship Edition is coming to the iPhone later in the year.

  • Zen Studio's have announced that there will be a SUper Street Fighter II Turbo Table for Zen Pinball. its set for August.

  • PS3: Punisher No Mercy will be getting a Demo and a patch, which focuses on Online lag.

  • The Modern Warfare 2 prestige editions are Limited editions, unlike Halo 3. no more will be made after the games release

  • Valve is still undecided whether Left 4 Dead DLC will work in Left 4 Dead 2.

  • The PAX (penny Arcade Expo) Exhibitors have been released. there's nearly 100 attendees this year.

  • Temco Koei president has said that they're interested in Sony's motion controllers for games like Ninja Gaiden.

  • Its been announced that the lawsuit between Activison and Double Fine, regarding Brutal Legend, has been settled.

  • PSP: G.I. Joe Apparently needs firmware 5.55 to run, it comes on disc tho. current firmware is 5.51

  • PS3: Some screenshots have emerged which may be from Final Fantasy XIV. they show landscapes, environments, and characters

  • Activision has revealed that there are already to map pack DLC's planned for Modern Warfare 2.