Sunday, June 6, 2010

QTE Tweets Of The Week

Here are this weeks most clicked tweets from the QTE Gamers News In Brief. there was no real stand-out story this week with all the stories in the top 10 receiving very similar amounts of clicks. many of the big news stories from the week did make it into the top 10, as well as some other stories like PlayTV 2 and OnLive.

10 Rare say they have no involvement in Activisions rumoured new GoldenEye game

9 PS3: a new PS3 bundle has been spotted with Little Big Planet GOTY and a HDMI Cable.

8 Xbox: Bungie have revealed that Microsoft forces them to use Combat Evolved tag with Halo

7 Ubisoft dismiss reports Michel Ancel has left, confirm Beyond Good & Evil 2 is still in development.

6 360: what appears to be a retail version of Natal was used recently at D8. several close-ish pictures were taken of it

5 Valve have cancelled the Portal 2 E3 event, but tease that a surprise is replacing it.

4 OnLive: people who pre-order early will now get 1 year free membership instead of 3 months free

3 PS3: Its been revealed Sony Cambridge are working on Play TV 2

2 Capcom have filled a trademark for Zombie Café. its unknown if its DLC for Dead Rising 2, a social Hub, or anything

1 OnLive: BT are saying that OnLive should come out in the UK by the end of 2011

What Have You Played This Week?

It was a very busy week for news, and i imagine its only going to get busier with E3 around the corner, which meant i didn't spend much time playing games. i did manage to Finish Enchanted Arms and i had a good time playing it. but my HD TV died on me and i don't know if i want to use my back up 15" CRT TV to play PS3 and 360 games. the Wii looks fine on it so i may play some Wii games. it'll be interesting to see what Swapgame sends next as Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max is already in the post.

Football Manager 10 – PC – after having my pallet cleanesed with FC Bayern, i've decided to try something more diffuclt. I'm now manager of Conference South team, Havant & Waterlooville. So far i'm in the top half of the table and doing well.

Enchanted Arms – PS3 – yep I finished Enchanted Arms. And you know what, its not bad at all. I wasn't far from the end and I took the time out to get the god weapons just before the final area so in all I think it took me around 33 hours to complete the game. As i've said before, the graphics are not the best, in fact there was a point where a river appeared to have had its water replaced with a mirror, and the game mechanics are rather simple. But these things are fine. The simple mechanics make the large amount of random battles you face easy to get through, and yet offer a nice level of difficulty for bosses. The story may feel bland in places, whilst other things you can see coming a mile away. But there are still moments of great story, things you don't see coming, and it cleverly reveals everything throughout. I recommend staying for the credits as more story is revealed during them. For a PS3 RPG, Enchanted Arms is not the best. But it is a good RPG, its very accessible, and the ability to save anywhere makes it great to pick up and play in short bursts. I do recommend people play it, not just as a RPG fan, but also those interested in giving RPGs a go.

Monsters (probably) Stole My Princess– Minis – PS3 – I was curious to see how this newer Mini would look like on the PS3. The sound is great but the graphics don't really hold up that well. The games style is designed to be played on the PSP where it really does look amazing.

Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max – PSP – I wanted to give this ago as I was mainly curious to see what it looked and played like. This is the newest game that Swapgame sent me and i'll be honest and say I spent 1 day with it before sending it back. This does not mean the game is bad, far from it. The graphics look good and it plays very well on the PSP, the Ai is ok, and I had fun playing it. But it's not really a single player game and whilst I gave nearly all the modes a go, I didn't feel the game offered much in a single player experience.

Uncharted 2 - PS3 - i quicky dove into the Multiplayer to basically see what it would look liek on my old CRT TV i had at uni. its playable but its hard going from a 32" HD TV to a 15" 4:3 CRT TV...thats a good decade old.

what have you been playing this week? feel free to add your weeks gaming selection in the comments, or you can comment on the game i played this week.