Thursday, March 2, 2023

Backlog Conquering - Pyre - Part 14 - Winning The Fifth Liberation Rites, Getting to the Sixth

Welcome to Backlog Conquering.
Today's video is part 14, of playing Pyre on PlayStation 4.

In part 13,, we started by doing the fourth Liberation Rites and loosing. we did a couple more rites before ending it at the start of the Fifth Liberation Rites.

My main goal was to win the fifth Liberation Rites and to send Ti'zo to the Commonwealth. I thought that by sending a creature that the Commonwealth hadn't seen before, it would benefit the plan. I won the game, i sent him to the Commonwealth, but it would be much later into the video until we heard if i had been successful. Turns out i was, tho not quite in the way i expected. but i'll take it!

Much like the previous video, things are happening faster than before. but i have also noticed that some things seem to be slowing down. for example, the amount of rites needed to be completed before getting to the Liberation Rites is reducing and making the game faster, but the social elements of the game also seem to be reduced. so one part of the game is getting faster, but the social side is slowing down. it is possible that the choices i've made have contributed to how the social aspect of the game is playing out.

I finished the video at the Sixth Liberation Rites. but i don't really know who to send back. it's starting to sound like there will only be this and one more Liberation Rite. i got a trophy for sending three people back to the Commonwealth so a part of me believes i've reached the minimum needed for a "good" ending. but i'd like to give it a go. so i have some time to think about who i want to send back, and perhaps more importantly why i think sending them back is a good move.