Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sony Have Released A New Video And Q/A For The Upcoming PS3 Game Dyad

Sony have released a new video and Q/A for Dyad, their upcoming PSN Game. the video features Shawn McGrath, the game's creator, showing in-game action as well as answering some questions. you find out that the music is generated from how you play, he describes some of the different challenges you face in the levels, and he briefly talks about the personal challenges in developing the game.

SourceEU Playstation Blog

D3Publisher Have Released A New Trailer For Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted The Videogame

D3Publisher have released a new trailer for the videogame of Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted. this trailer appears to be for the PS3/Xbox 360 version of the game. the videogame will be coming to the 3DS, DS, Wii, Xbox 360, And PS3 this October. the aim of the game is to help promote the circus as you go around Europe. you do this by completing challenges and stunts the Penguins have tasked you with.

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Capcom Have Released The First Digital Comic For Dragon's Dogma

Capcom have released the first Dragon's Dogma Digital Comic. the aim of these comics is to provide more information about the lore, setting, and premise of Dragon's Dogma. these comics will be released over the weeks up till the release of Dragon's Dogma the videogame.

Source: Capcom Unity

Sony Announce God of War: Ascension For The PS3, Release Teaser Trailer

Sony have announced God of War: Ascension for the PS3. This God War Game will be a prequel to the series. Apart from this teaser trailer, Sony haven't released any more details for the game. there will be a live stream for the game on 30th April where more details about the game will be revealed.

Source: EU Playstation Blog