Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Square Enix Announce IO Interactive Are Working On Console Patches For Hitman: Absolution

Square Enix have confirmed that IO Interactive are working on a Hitman: Absolution patch for both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. the PC version of the game received a patch last week, which would be downloaded automatically by Steam Update. no specific details were revealed about the console patch, but Square Enix say IO Interactive hope to have the patch ready to come out from 10th December.

Source: Square Enix Blog

Ubisoft Reveal PS3 Exclusive Far Cry 3 DLC And Release 2 Voice Actor Videos For Dr Earnhardt And Vaas

Ubisoft have revealed the PS3 Far Cry 3 exclusive DLC. coming in January, the High Tides DLC focuses on Co-Op. it brings 2 new chapters called Jailbreak and Redemption that take place after the games Co-Op. The High Tides DLC will be harder than the main Co-Op story.

Ubisoft have also released 2 new spoof behind the scenes looks at Far Cry 3. these videos show where Ubisoft got the voice actors for Dr Earnhardt And Vaas.

Source: EU playstation Blog 

Sony Announce PS Vita Firmware Update 2.01 And YouTube Update 2.0 Are Out Now

Sony have announced both the PS Vita and it's YouTube out have updates out now. the PS Vita update 2.01 fixes an issue that the 2.0 updated introduced, namely the PS Vita did not automatically upload save games to the cloud for Playstation Plus Subscribers. those who had signed up for Playstation Plus on their Vita should find the update already downloaded and ready to install.

The YouTube 2.0 update brings:
  • Subscriptions and channels: Now you can view and manage your subscriptions (including your subscription to the PlayStation YouTube channel), browse all videos on a specific channel and check out detailed information in the “About this channel” menu option.
  • Improved controls: We’ve added new functions on controls including Next/Previous buttons, a loop video option and the ability to browse videos while another is playing, making it easy to select preferred videos without interrupting playback.
  • Playlist settings: You can now create playlists and add videos to your playlists, including your Favorites or Watch Later lists.
  • Closed captions: Captions help deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers enjoy YouTube videos, and they’re also useful if you forgot your headphones and want to watch videos in a loud (or quiet) setting while on-the-go. Now you can display closed captions when playing videos. Look for the captions icon on the video thumbnail. You can even change the language of captions in the options menu.
  • Continuous playback: In the settings menu, you can now enable continuous playback, so your next video selection will start to play automatically.
  • PS Vita buttons: You now have the option to use the PS Vita buttons to control playback and menus, which can be enabled in the Settings > System menu.
  • Share: Show that you’re tuned in—Tweet, Email or group message your friends the name and URL to the latest video. You can also invite people to check out any channel on YouTube — like the the PlayStation YouTube channel — via group message, so they don’t miss a beat.
  • Improved search: You can now use search filters — sorting by upload date or duration, for example — making it easier than ever to find your favorite videos.

Aksys Games Announce They Are Donating $12,920.00 To The American Red Cross

Aksys Games have announced their “Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts Sale” has been successful. they will be donating $12,920.00 to the American Red Cross.

Aksys Games had been running a “Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts Watch Sale” but it was soo successful that all the watches were sold out within 24 hours.

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Warner Bros. Have Released A Launch Trailer For Game Party Champions, Thier Wii U Party Game

Warner Bros. have released a launch trailer for their Wii U game Game Party Champions. this trailer shows action from many of the party games included. Game Party Champions is priced at £29.99 in the UK and includes games like Ping Pong, Skill Ball, Table Hockey and Hoop Shoot.

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2K And Firaxis Announce The First DLC For XCOM Is Out From Today For $6.99/560 MS Points

Firaxis and 2K Games have announced the first Add-On DLC for XCOM is out from today. the Slingshot Content Pack costs $6.99 on PS3 and PC and 560 MS Points on Xbox 360. The DLC introduces a Triad operative, has you diverting an alien ship's course, fights over China and new council missions.

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Might and Delight Announce Pid Is Getting An Easy Mode, Release 20 Minute Speedrun Gameplay Video

Might and Delight have announced that due to popular demand, Pid will be getting an Easy Mode. this mode introduces shorter boss fights, less crowded environments and navigation aids. Might and Delight have also released a new video for Pid. in this new series, they are doing a speedrun of the game, completing it in around 2 hours. this video shows the first 20 minutes and is full of game spoilers.

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Amazon Announce LOVEFiLM Comes To UK Wii's Today, Reveal Wii U Version Is Coming Soon

Amazon have announced LOVEFiLM is coming out today on the Wii. this service will allow subscribers to stream movies and TV Shows to their Wii's. the application can be downloaded from the Wii Shop Channel for free. Amazon have also revealed that a Wii U version of the app is in development and should come out Shortly.

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