Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Capcom Have Released A New DmC: Devil May Cry Trailer For The Bloody Palace Update, Reveal Virgils Downfall Release Date

Capcom have released a new DmC: Devil May Cry Trailer for the recently released Bloody Palace download. this free download is out now and adds 100+ bonus levels of demon killing.

Capcom have also announced that Virgils Downfall is set to come out on 5th March on PS3 and 6th March on Xbox 360. this expansion is expected to cost $8.99 when it comes out.

Virgils Downfall Screenshots

Source: Capcom Unity

Square Enix Announce Murdered: Soul Suspect, Coming Early 2014 To PS3, Xbox 360 And PC

Square Enix have announced Murdered: Soul Suspect with a teaser trailer. very little is known about this game apart from its coming out early 2014 to PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. the story appears to be you solving your own murder, a similar idea to the Capcom game Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective.

Source: Square Enix Blog

Konami And Platinum Games Have Released Three New Videos For Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Konami and Platinum Games have released 3 new videos for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. the first video is called Rising and was made by Hideo Kojima. the second video shows how you can use tactics in combat, like stealth. the third video shows off Ripper Mode.

Natsume Announce They Are Bringing Kemco's PSP Game Mystic Chronicles To The USA This Summer

Natsume have announced they are bringing Mystic Chronicles to the USA. this PSP game from Kemco has only come out in Japan so far but now it will come this summer to the USA. described as a Cult Classic in Japan, Mystic Chronicles features retro style graphics, a turn based battle system and story driven quests. a feature of the game is the Guardian Beast System, where each character can be assigned a mystic beast that has Offensive, Defensive or healing abilities.

The main character is called Lux. he was adopted by a small village and he had begun to train to join the Guardians Guild, but a chance meeting with a young girl sets in motion a series of events that could have Lux even saving the world.

I have found a Japanese promotional video for the game that was used on the Japanese PlayStation Blog. it shows gameplay and appears to have game music playing as well.


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Zero Punctuation - Dead Space 3

This week Yahtzee plays Dead Space 3. he enjoyed the first game in the series, the horror was maybe a little too predictable but the game as a whole was different from the rest. but, with Dead Space 2 EA and Visceral started moving the series into more action and now with Dead Space 3 have they successfully created a horror action game or will Yahtzee feel that the game is a shell of it's former self?

GungHo Online Entertainment America Have Released A Launch Trailer And Screenshots For Ragnarok Odyssey

GungHo Online Entertainment America have released a launch trailer and screenshots for Ragnarok Odyssey. Ragnarok Odyssey is out this week across the EU, Australia and New Zealand at retail and on the PSN for €29.99.


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