Sunday, March 8, 2009

What Have You Played This Week?

What have you guys/gals played this week?
Feel free to add your thought about it, like whether you enjoyed it, had a frustrating time, as it would be interesting to know. for example, this week i've played...

  • Killzone 2 - PS3-Still Epic, but still playing the multiplayer, not even touched the single player this week. i really enjoy the multiplayer, more so than any other shooter i've played online. i'm moving up the ranks, got sentry turrets now. i've also noticed that it's surprising fast and frantic now, people are really good and everybody dies fast...i guess that adds to it.
  • Folklore - PS3- Finally finished it. and wow, what a great story, full of twists and surprises, it was surprisingly engaging. i do think that this game was missed by many people, and sure it's a early ps3 game and has some issues, but the story, gameplay and graphics make it worth wild. but trust me it can be very hard sometimes, but it never stopped me.
  • Ratchet And Clank - PS2/PS3-i loved the ps3 game, but never played the ps2 ones, so i bought this second hand a while back and i'm now playing it on the ps3. it looks good, plays great, fun weapons, good story...exactly what you expect. however the ps3 doesn't play it well and it has plenty of slow down issues, but not enough to stop me from playing it.
  • Puzzle Quest Galactrix - PC- i loved the first game, i got it on psp and 360. so when i heard that this was out i quickly got it on the PC...and 5 hours later and 3AM in the morning...i can safly say it's addictive and fun as the first, but slightly more complicated. my only complaints are all the jumpgates you have to unlock, and the ship moves with the mouse when all i want is to click where to tell it to go. this could take a long time before i'm done with this game