Saturday, September 16, 2023

Online Saturday - Gundam Evolution - 4 Matches, 0 Wins!

Gundam Evolutions 6th Season has just started and the game has been recently updated. It's been a while since i last played this game, but here on PS4 in Japan there were still players online and getting into a game didn't take too long. It's not as fast as Splatoon 3, but then again no game is, but at least here the online is healthy enough to get some games.

Unfortunately, all 4 games i played with Gundam Evolution ended with losses. i wouldn't say they were close either. in all 4 games, the opposition seemed to dominate. But i still had some fun. i managed to get some kills and some revives. i also bought a Gundam, Gundam Dynames, but didn't get to use it much as other players also wanted to use it.