Friday, May 1, 2009

Star Trek Online Update - Type VII Commercial Labratory

Cryptic have shown a new vessel in Star Trek online. unlike the other vessels they have shown, this one is neither Starfleet or Klingon. the history of the vessel "...this class of space vessel has been copied and modified by so many different races..." leads me to think that the vessel is a type you'll regally come into contact with in the game. the history also says " is impossible for Starfleet to provide specifics about the capabilities of any particular Type VII vessel." paving the way for the game to use them in a varity of different ways.

They warn, that despite the vessel being designed for science, " ...On Stardate 84072.55, the U.S.S Trieste recorded an incident where the S.S. Trialas, a Type VII vessel registered out of Galador II, successfully evaded a group of Nausicaan raiders by hiding in the corona of a star." and even the standard vessel " equivalent to a Nebula class starship, and most Type VII vessels have been further modified by their crews to specialize in a specific area of research."

it's clear that in the game, these vessels are not to be under estiamted. whether they are going to good or bad in the game, i imagine they will be both. "Starfleet's recommendation to captains who encounter a Type VII Commercial Laboratory is to perform a standard sensor sweep of the vessel and attempt to discern its capacities and use. A standard exterior does not indicate a standard interior."