Monday, January 2, 2023

Pokémon Violet - The Twenty-Second Part – Defeating Poison Team Star And Exploring Tagtree Thicket

This is a longer video than normal mostly because i was simply enjoying myself. I try to keep the videos around an hour mostly for editing and uploading purposes. But for this video it was a combination of levelling up, wanting to try and evolve Pokémon, and defeating Team Star that kept me going.

The first part of the video is mostly me trying to level up some pokemon, but i soon move onto Tagtree Thicket and go about exploring, catching, and levelling up in preparation for what i thought would be a difficult Team Star battle. i had assumed that the Team Star base might be around level 40, but when i came across a level 50 Tera Pokémon in the wild, a Grafaiai, i didn't think i would be able to defeat Team Star in this video.

After a while longer i decide to try out the grunt outside the Team Star base to find out what level it is and i was surprised to find that the grunt was only level 30. i was way over leveled and after a quick change in my team, mostly because to deal with the Revavroom as they have all been a pain to defeat, i set about defeating the base and it's leader Atticus.