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This Weeks WiiWare, DSiWare, And Virtual Console Releases

Nintendo have revealed the games coming out today on the Virtual Console, WiiWare, and DSiWare Stores. they have also revealed that there is a WiiWare demo out this week for Frotbot.

Virtual Console

Mario Party 2
This is a 1-4 player game that costs 1,000 Wii Points. This is the version of the game that came out on the Nintendo 64. this game comes with 5 boards to play on with up to 4 players.


This is a 1-4 player game that costs 1,000 Wii Points. Frobots 5 foxy girlfriends have been botnapped and Frobot is looking for them. the game comes with several modes, both single and multiplayer modes. you can unlock multiplayer modes in the single player mode.

This is a 1 player only game that costs 500 Wii Points. in this game you have to defend incubators, repel attacks and keep the eggs in the incubators safe.

WiiWare Demos



Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp
This is a 1 player only game that costs 800 DSi Points. You play as Dirk the Daring and have to save Princess Daphne from Mordroc.

Cosmo Fighters
This is a 1-4 player game that costs 500 DSi Points. this is a space battle game for up to 4 players.

Paul's Monster Adventure
This is a 1 player only game that costs 500 DSi Points. You have to travel around a land and save the Monsters, known as bosses, who are all dying from starvation. but, not all the locals think what you are doing is heroic and may attack.

Just SING! Christmas Vol. 2
This is a 1 player only game that costs 200 DSi Points. this is a karaoke game that lets you sing a selection of Christmas songs.

Press Release

If there's one guest who's welcome at any holiday party, it's MarioTM. This season, the Virtual ConsoleTM service invites you to join Mario and his Mushroom Kingdom crew for the classic, family-friendly fun of Mario PartyTM 2, now playable on the WiiTM system for the first time ever. You'll also find new additions to the WiiWareTM service to help keep your days merry and bright: the unique sci-fi strategy of Inkub and the funky robot challenge of Frobot. (A demo version of Frobot is available for zero Wii PointsTM.) If you aim to fill your holiday week with hand-held adventure, take a look at the latest arrivals for the Nintendo DSiWareTM service, including Dragon's Lair® II: Time Warp and Cosmo Fighters. No matter where the season leads you, here's hoping it's a warm and happy one.

Virtual Console

Mario Party 2
Original platform: Nintendo 64TM
Publisher: Nintendo
Players: 1-4
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone) - Mild Violence
Price: 1,000 Wii Points
Description: Get ready to party like it's the year 2000 all over again, complete with fancy costumes, bags of surprises and games galore. Mario and his Mushroom Kingdom friends return for a new round of Bowser-bashing board game action in Mario Party 2. Each of your favorite characters dons a differently themed outfit to take part in five fun-packed Adventure Boards: Pirate Land, Western Land, Space Land, Mystery Land and Horror Land. Then battle BowserTM on his own specific board - if you're brave enough. Up to four players (additional accessories required, sold separately) can travel around the boards and compete in minigames for coins while also using items to gain an advantage. Win the most stars and become the ultimate victor: the Super Star. Or, if you just feel like proving your minigame mettle, visit Mini-Game Land. Head to the Mini-Game Stadium and replay your favorites, including the Item, Battle, Duel and Chance Time minigames.


Publisher: Fugazo
Players: 1-4
ESRB Rating: E10+ (Everyone 10 and Older) - Mild Fantasy Violence, Mild Suggestive Themes
Price: 1,000 Wii Points; demo version available for 0 Wii Points
Description: Frobot is programmed to make love, not war. But when his five foxy girlfriends get botnapped, he doesn't skip a beat in taking the fight to the streets. Blast your way up from the Funkytown Slums to the BotBlocker HQ and save them. In Burn Baby Burn mode, earn powerful weapons including the Robo Hustle dash and the Jivestalker disco ball to help take on the Man. In The Big Payback, journey through a story mode filled with action, adventure and fro-frazzling physics puzzles to rescue your girlfriends. In Superfreak, find hidden power picks and upgrade your style. It's a fight to the last Fro in Frobot's multiplaya arena. Face off with up to three of your friends on one screen to see who will earn the spotlight. In It's Raining Guns, access an expanded arsenal of funky weapons, including the Bass Bomb grenade and the Heartstopper shield. And in Do the Hustle, you can unlock multiplaya maps by beating single-playa levels in record time.

Note: Some demo versions do not support all game features, and players cannot save their in-game progress in demo versions.

Publisher: Cosmonaut Games
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone) - Cartoon Violence
Price: 500 Wii Points
Description: In Inkub, you are responsible for the defense of incubators, each one connected to a life support system by means of transparent carbon tubes. For years, different organisms, viruses and bacteria have formed colonies that attack the species in each incubator. Your objective is to repel the attacks of these organisms and keep the eggs in the incubators safe. To do this, you have an arsenal of weapons, mines and blockers available. Different weapons will be unlocked as you progress through the game, including laser canons, projectiles, blockers, mines and speed inhibitors. Use them by placing them throughout the tube to repel enemy attacks.

Nintendo DSiWare

Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp
Publisher: Digital Leisure Inc.
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: T (Teen) - Suggestive Themes, Fantasy Violence
Price: 800 Nintendo DSi PointsTM
Description: Princess Daphne has been spirited away to a wrinkle in time by the evil wizard Mordroc, who plans to force her into marriage. Only you, Dirk the Daring, can save her. Transported by a bumbling old time machine, you begin the rescue mission. But you must hurry, for once the Casket of Doom has opened, Mordroc will place the Death Ring upon Daphne's finger and she will be lost forever in the Time Warp. Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp is a fully animated arcade classic from legendary animator Don Bluth. You'll make your way through time by using your Nintendo DSiTM system to move and wield your sword. Beware of your foes, for they are numerous. Only you can save Princess Daphne.

Cosmo Fighters
Publisher: Abylight
Players: 1-4
ESRB Rating: E10+ (Everyone 10 and Older) - Cartoon Violence
Price: 500 Nintendo DSi Points
Description: There's a battle to fight in outer space, but before you meet your fate, train yourself against the CPU to master all the tricks and combos. Whether playing one-on-one or against a group of three, your training will pay off once you challenge your friends and foes. Anyone can play, but only the well trained will win. Send your friends a demo via DS Download Play to allow them to play solo or in a Versus mode. Finding opponents for the Multiplayer mode is easy because only one player needs to have the game loaded onto his or her system. Let the fight begin!

Paul's Monster Adventure
Publisher: Agetec, Inc.
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone) - Comic Mischief
Price: 500 Nintendo DSi Points
Description: Prepare to embark on an epic adventure and enter a land where monsters known as bosses once ruled with an iron fist. The local inhabitants have rebelled against the bosses by stealing their food supply. Now the bosses are slowly dying from starvation, and it's up to you to save them. Explore and discover magical items that will aid you on your adventure. Interact with intriguing monsters that desperately need your help to regain their energy. Be warned: The inhabitants may consider your heroic efforts to be a threat and become aggressive if you are caught with food. Do you best to avoid them, but if you need it, you're equipped with a powerful hammer that will temporally knock out the inhabitants. It's time to step up to the challenge and restore order to this chaotic land.

Just SING! Christmas Vol. 2
Publisher: dtp young entertainment
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
Price: 200 Nintendo DSi Points
Description: You are the star! Prepare yourself for the next edition of Christmas karaoke. Holiday classics such as "We Wish you a Merry Christmas" and "Deck the Halls" are waiting for you. Enter the festively decorated stage in a fancy Santa costume, then sing into the built-in microphone of your Nintendo DSi system to instantly capture the magical Christmas spirit. Hit all the right notes and sing in time to reach the top of the high-scores list.

Nintendo adds new titles to the Nintendo DSi Shop and the Wii Shop Channel at 9 a.m. Pacific time on Mondays. Users with broadband Internet access can redeem Wii Points or Nintendo DSi Points to download the games. Wii Points can be purchased in the Wii Shop Channel. Nintendo DSi Points can be purchased in the Nintendo DSi Shop. A Nintendo Points CardTMcan be purchased at retail locations. All points from one Nintendo Points Card must be redeemed in either the Nintendo DSi Shop or the Wii Shop Channel. They are not transferable and cannot be divided between the two systems.

Remember that both Wii and Nintendo DSi feature parental controls that let adults manage the content their children can access. For more information about this and other features, visit or

Sony Have Detailed The New Features Added To Gran Turismo 5 In 1.05 Patch

Earlier today a patch was released for Gran Turismo 5, it comes in at around 608 MB, but there was no official word as to what it brought to the game. Sony has officially announced the new features added. there's always the chance that some other changes have been added, like the change to the logo under the cars.

Seasonal Events
[Seasonal Events] has been added to the upper left of the [GT Mode] – [GT Life] screen. From here you can participate in official events being held for a limited time.

In these events, all participants are under the same regulations, and if you complete the event you will win rewards and experience. Compete on the leader boards with players around the world, in Time Trials and Drift Trials!

Hot Car Dealer
A [Hot Car Dealer] has been added to the left center of the [GT Mode]-[GT Life] screen. In the Hot Car Dealer you’ll find popular and rare used cars.

You might just come across that one car you’ve always been looking for, that you haven’t been able to find in the [Used Car Dealer]

Online Race Rewards and Experience
When you complete a race in the [Open Lobby] or [My Lounge], you will now gain rewards and experience.

Even if you are focused more on playing online, you’ll still be able to gain rewards and levels that you need to progress in [GT Life].

Driving Distance and Number of Wins in Online Races
The driving distance and the number of wins you achieve when you complete a race in [Open Lobby] or [My Lounge] will now affect your stats in [Profile] and the [Garage].

Here again the results from your online play will cumulate within [GT Life].

Improved Rewards
The rewards for winning races in both A-Spec and B-Spec in [GT Mode]-[GT Life] have been increased for a limited time. (Until the end of January, 2011).

In the same blog post, Sony have said the main reason for improving the rewards in the game was because some players were having difficulty "getting ahead in the game". Sony have also confirmed there will be further updates to the game.

From EU Playstation Blog

Sony Detail The EU PSN Christmas Sale Starting 22nd December - 5th January

Sony have announced there is a big sale coming to the EU PSN on for both PSP and PS3 games.

Festive Offers
PS3: Alien Breed: Impact (was – £14.99/€11.99 now – £8.99/€7.19)
PS3: Blue Toad Murder Files: Episodes 1-6 (was – £17.49/€21.99 now – £9.99/€12.99)
PS3: Bomberman Ultra (was – £7.99/€9.99 now – £3.99/€4.99)
PS3: Burn Zombie Burn! (was – £6.29/€7.99 now – £3.19/€3.99)
PS3: Burn Zombie Burn…In Space! (was – £2.39/€2.99 now – £1.19/€1.49)
PS3: Ferrari: The Race Experience (was – £2.39/€2.99 now – £1.19/€1.49)
PS3: Flight Control HD (was – £3.99/€4.99 now – £3.19/€3.99)
PSP: Gottlieb Pinball Classics (was – £8.79/€10.99 now – £3.99/€4.99)
PS3: Joe Danger (was – £9.99/€12.99 now – £4.99/€6.19)
PS3: Lead and Gold: Gangs of the West (was – £11.99/€14.99 now – £6.29/€7.99)
PS3: Tales of Monkey Island: Complete Season (was – £13.99/€17.99 now – £7.19/€8.99)
PS3: Worms 2: Armageddon (was – £11.99/€14.99 now – £6.29/€7.99)

Festive minis Offers
Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter (was – £3.49/€3.99 now – £1.74/€1.99)
Rocks n’ Rockets (was – £3.99/€4.99 now – £1.74/€1.99)
Freekscape: Escape from Hell (was – £3.99/€4.99 now – £1.74/€1.99)
Arctic Adventures: Polar’s Puzzles (was – £3.49/€3.99 now – £1.74/€1.99)
Vibes (was – £3.99/€4.99 now – £1.74/€1.99)
Stellar Attack (was – £3.49/€3.99 now – £1.74/€1.99)

Festive Offers from Disney
PSP: Toy Story 3 (was – £27.99/€34.99 now – £15.99/€19.99)
PSP: Alien Escapades Add-on (was – £1.59/€1.99 now – £0.79/€0.99)
PSP: Buzz’s Adventures Add-on  (was – £1.59/€1.99 now – £0.79/€0.99)
PSP: Woody’s Round Up Add-on (was – £1.59/€1.99 now – £0.79/€0.99)
PS3: The Nightmare Before Christmas Premium Theme (was – £1.19/€1.49 now – £0.59/€0.75)
PS1: Lilo and Stitch: Trouble in Paradis

Festive Offers from EA
PS3: DeathSpank (was – £9.99/€12.99 now – £6.29/€7.99)
PS3: DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue (was – £9.99/€12.99 now – £6.29/€7.99)
PSP: Need for Speed: Shift (was – £15.99/€19.99 now – £9.99/€12.99)
PSP: Dante’s Inferno (was – £31.99/€39.99 now – £15.99/€19.99)
PS1: Theme Park (was – £3.99/€4.99 now – £2.39/€2.99)
PS1: Theme Hospital (was – £3.99/€4.99 now – £2.39/€2.99)

Festive Offers from Namco Bandai
PS3: Deadstorm Pirates (was – £15.99/€19.99 now – £11.99/€14.99)
PS3: Pac-Man Championship Edition DX (was – £7.99/€9.99 now – £5.49/€6.99)
PSP: Me and My Katamari (was – £15.99/€19.99 now – £7.99/€9.99)
PSP: Ridge Racer (was – £15.99/€19.99 now – £7.99/€9.99)
PSP: Soul Caliber: Broken Destiny (was – £23.99/€29.99 now – £11.99/€14.99)
PSP: Tekken 6 (was – £31.99/€39.99 now – £15.99/€19.99)

Festive Offers from SCEE
PS3: Fat Princess (was – £7.99/€9.99 now – £3.99/€4.99)
PS3: PixelJunk Shooter (was – £6.29/€7.99 now – £3.19/€3.99)
PS3: LBP Pirates of the Caribbean Level Kit (was – £4.79/€5.99 now – £2.39/€2.99)
PS3: LBP Pirates of the Caribbean Costume Kit (was – £4.79/€5.99 now – £2.39/€2.99)
PSP: echoshift (was – £14.99/€19.99 now – £7.99/€9.99)
PSP: Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake (was – £19.99/€29.99 now – £11.99/€14.99)
PSP: Gravity Crash (was – £6.29/€7.99 now – £3.19/€3.99)

Festive Offers from SEGA
PS3: Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode One(was – £9.99/€12.99 now – £5.49/€6.99)
PS3: Sonic Adventure (was – £6.29/€7.99 now – £3.19/€3.99)
PS3: Sonic Adventure DX Add-on Pack (was – £3.19/€3.99 now – £1.19/€1.49)
PS3: After Burner: Climax (was – £7.99/€9.99 now – £3.99/€4.99)
PSP: Valkyria Chronicles 2 (was – £27.99/€34.99 now – £13.99/€17.99)
PSP: Phantasy Star Portable 2 (was – £19.99/€34.99 now – £13.99/€17.99)

Festive Offers from Square-Enix
PS3: Space Invaders: Infinity Gene (was – £7.99/€9.99 now – £5.49/€6.99)
PS3: Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light (was – £9.99/€12.99 now – £7.19/€8.99)
PS3: Tomb Raider: Underworld (was – £16.99/€20.99 now – £8.79/€10.99)
PSP: Tomb Raider Anniversary (was – £11.99/€14.99 now – £6.29/€7.99)
PSP: Tomb Raider: Legend (was – £11.99/€14.99 now – £6.29/€7.99)
PS1: Tomb Raider (was – £7.99/€9.99 now – £3.99/€4.99)

Festive Offers from Ubisoft
PS3: Prince of Persia Classic + Cell Factor Bundle (£7.99/€9.99)
PS3: Scott Pilgrim + Turtles in Time Reshelled + Voodoo Dice Bundle (£11.99/€14.99)
PSP: Asphalt: Urban GT 2 (was – £11.99/€14.99 now – £7.99/€9.99)
PSP: Driver ’76 (was – £15.99/€19.99 now – £7.99/€9.99)
PSP: Street Rider (was – £15.99/€19.99 now – £7.99/€9.99)

From EU Playstation Blog

Relentless Software Announce A Playstation Move Patch Is Coming To Blue Toad Murder Files In January

Relentless Software have announced that they are bringing a Playstation Move patch to Blue Toad Murder Files: The Mysteries of Little Riddle in January. Relentless have also announced that from 22nd December to 4th January, all 6 episodes of Blue Toad Murder Files: The Mysteries of Little Riddle will be available to buy from the PSN for a reduced price of £9.99 / €12.99 / $14.99

Press Release

Brighton, UK, Monday 20th December 2010 - Relentless Software® today announces that new and old fans of Blue Toad Murder Files™: The Mysteries of Little Riddle in Europe* can now enjoy the village of Little Riddle with the PlayStation®Move motion controller in their hands.

Users will be offered a Version 2.0 software update next time they boot the game which will allow them to play Blue Toad Murder Files: The Mysteries of Little Riddle using the PlayStation®Move motion controller. Now gamers can decide to play with their DualShock controller or the PlayStation®Move motion controller.

As an added incentive, Episodes 1-6 of Blue Toad Murder Files are on sale between 22nd December 2010 and 4th January 2011. All six episodes can be downloaded for £9.99 / €12.99 / $14.99.
Andrew Eades, executive director at Relentless Software commented: "We're really pleased to add Move support to Blue Toad Murder Files as we believe in making games easy for everybody to play. The Move is a natural for Blue Toad and is a great way to introduce your family to the joys of video games over the holidays."

Blue Toad Murder Files was originally released in December 2009 on the PlayStation®Network to praise from across the media. Eurogamer awarded the game 8/10 saying: “Murder has rarely been so pleasant as it is amidst the tidy hedges, twitching curtains and flocking geese of Little Riddle, while videogames have almost never left their comfort zones behind with such breezy assurance.”

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The PlayStation Move patch will be launched in North America in January 2011.

About Blue Toad Murder Files: The Mysteries of Little Riddle:
Blue Toad Murder Files is set in the quintessentially English village of Little Riddle where murder is in the air. As one of the famous Blue Toad detectives you solve puzzles, interrogate suspects, use your powers of observation and investigate clues to uncover the strange goings on in this quaint and sleepy village.
You and your fellow detectives are taking a welcome break in Little Riddle following a particularly gruelling investigation. Whilst exploring the village - someone is shot right in front of you! Dum-dum-daaaaaaa! A suitable case for the Blue Toad detectives, so a new murder file is opened and you decide to stay in the village to solve the crime, much to the annoyance of the village’s Chief Inspector.

The main aim of the game is to follow clues to find the murderer. Along the way you’ll also encounter a variety of different and challenging puzzles which help you move through the peaceful world of Little Riddle.

As one of the detectives you move around the village by selecting locations on the map. Choose your venue wisely - will you meet the Doctor and hear his flimsy alibi? Or unearth the Station Masters motivation? Each stop provides an opportunity to meet a different villager and question them on the minor misdemeanours taking place in Little Riddle.
With each step of the investigation a puzzle is played to help a villager or get further clues about the case. But pay attention, you will also be questioned by the Chief Inspector about events that take place after each chilling incident.

Whodunnit? At the end of each episode you will be asked to choose your suspect before they are revealed and exposed in all their criminal capacities!

Blue Toad Murder Files: The Mysteries of Little Riddle features:
Six separate episodes
A thrilling cliff hanger at the end of every episode
Over 90 puzzles, ‘Whodunnits’ and cross-examinations
Opportunity to play as one of four unique characters
1 – 4 co-operative multiplayer gameplay
A story of mystery and intrigue

About Relentless Software:
Relentless Software is a BAFTA award winning company founded in 2003 by Andrew Eades and David Amor. Each with a long track record in the industry they set out to develop new and exciting games for the mass market; games that anyone can enjoy, without a steep learning curve. The company is based in Brighton, UK.

Relentless released their first title, DJ: Decks & FX (SCEE), in late 2004, which was subsequently nominated for a BAFTA. They followed up with Buzz!™: The Music Quiz and Buzz!™: The BIG Quiz; games which featured innovative buzzers and demonstrated Relentless' commitment to making world class videogames that appeal to everyone and are simple to play. In 2006, the studio collected three prestigious awards, jointly with SCEE, two Develop Industry Excellence Awards and a BAFTA for the creation of Buzz!™.

Since Relentless’ launch in 2003 they have developed over 10 games in the Buzz!™ franchise in over 15 languages. Whilst continuing to work on Buzz!™. Relentless has just launched its first self-published title, Blue Toad Murder Files: The Mysteries of Little Riddle on PC and PSN and is developing other, as yet unannounced, projects.

For further information please visit the company website:

© 2010 Relentless Software. All Rights Reserved.

“PlayStation” is registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Codemasters Have Released A new Dirt 3 Video With Ken Block Discussing Gymkhana

Codemasters have released a new video for Dirt 3. this video features Ken Block talking about Gymkhana, with footage from both the game and real life being played as he talks about it. In Dirt 3, the Gymkhana mode can be played in single player or split screen/online multiplayer. you will also be able to upload your best Gymkhana runs to youtube.

Press Release

Today Codemasters ® released a new video starring WRC driver and DiRT® 3™ technical consultant Ken Block, focussing on the all-new gymkhana game mode. The trailer mixes live action with gameplay footage as Ken Block explains the origins of the discipline and how players can hone their rally skills by unleashing their inner hoonigan. The ‘Ken Block on Gymkhana’ video is now playing

The video introduces gymkhana, the freestyle car driving showpiece pioneered by Ken Block whose video series has become a 90 million-plus views YouTube phenomenon. The trailer shows Ken Block performing incredible stunts and stunning feats of car control in a heavily modified rally car and shows how you can perform the same stunts in DiRT 3’s unique gymkhana discipline. By pushing cars to their limits around purpose built arenas littered with obstacles and jumps, players will learn skills that can be put into the practice in the other game modes.

“The gymkhana stuff got started for me as a simple way to get extra seat time to practice for rally,” said Ken Block, DiRT 3 Technical Consultant. “For me gymkhana is an amazing feeling because it’s very similar to the things I love in rally, like sliding the car at speed. Having a gymkhana element in a game like DiRT 3 just adds a whole new aspect of fun ways to do things with the car. Going through a course and trying to do it for a time or for style points is always fun but on top of that feeling you [can] use those courses to go out and learn the techniques of driving those cars, and to be able to just kinda hoon around.”

In DiRT 3’s gymkhana game mode players can practice their skills in free sessions or take on challenge events where they must complete courses by performing spectacular stunts, racking up combos and earning style points. Players can also play or compete with friends in split-screen or online multiplayer and become gymkhana stars themselves by publishing their most spectacular runs direct to YouTube.

Coming Q2 2011, DiRT 3 will boast more cars, more locations, more routes and more events than any other game in the series. With more than double the track content of 2009’s hit, players will enjoy a career as an elite professional driver, competing in off-road racing events featuring jaw-dropping damage and race-changing weather. DiRT 3 will feature the most amount of Rally content to feature in the series to date, accounting for 60% of its extensive career mode. With rally stages set across three continents, including the addition of all-new locations Finland, Kenya, Norway and Michigan, players will learn to master the conditions on tarmac, gravel and snow in dry and wet conditions for the most authentic rally experience.

Set to raise the bar for authentic and accessible off-road racing again, DiRT 3 is now in development at Codemasters Studios for a 2011 release for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft®, PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system and PC Games For Windows® LIVE. Fans can keep up to date with the latest news, screens and videos straight from the studio at and

Nintendo Announce Dragon Quest VI: Realms Of Revelation Is Coming To The USA On 14th February

Nintendo have announced that Square Enix's Dragon Quest VI: Realms Of Revelation is coming to the USA on 14th February. this game had only been released in Japan, on both the DS and on the Super Famicom (Super NES).


Character Art

Press Release

REDMOND, Wash., Dec. 20, 2010 - Nintendo of America today gave video game fans across North America something sweet to look forward to on Valentine's Day, and it has nothing to do with flowers or chocolates. On Feb. 14, DRAGON QUEST® VI: Realms of RevelationTM - previously unavailable outside of Japan - will make its North American debut exclusively on the hand-held Nintendo DSTM family of systems. Combining classic role-playing adventure with new character options and enhancements, the game offers hours of imaginative DRAGON QUEST fun spanning several unique game worlds that can be enjoyed on the go.

DRAGON QUEST VI: Realms of Revelation features a rich storyline that leads players through a multitude of captivating worlds as they gather allies and battle fierce monsters on a quest to defeat evil forces. With updated graphics and more than 15 character classes to choose from, new and experienced players alike can dive headlong into the timeless role-playing excitement of the DRAGON QUEST franchise anytime, anywhere. They can even enjoy special features such as switching between character classes and letting monsters, such as Slimes, join their party.

"Millions of players around the world have discovered the timeless fun of DRAGON QUEST," said Marc Franklin, Nintendo of America's director of Public Relations. "The arrival of DRAGON QUEST VI: Realms of Revelation in North America will give fans unique access to a classic game in the series for the first time, offering new ways to explore and enjoy the DRAGON QUESTuniverse."

Originally released in 1995 for Japan's Super Famicom system (known in the U.S. as Super NESTM), DRAGON QUEST VI: Realms of Revelation challenges players to explore multiple worlds as they confront the many problems caused by the evil Murdaw. Players can choose from nine starting classes and unlock others as they progress through the game.

For more information about DRAGON QUEST VI: Realms of Revelation, visit

About Nintendo: The worldwide pioneer in the creation of interactive entertainment, Nintendo Co., Ltd., of Kyoto, Japan, manufactures and markets hardware and software for its WiiTMhome console and Nintendo DSTM family of portable systems. Since 1983, when it launched the Nintendo Entertainment SystemTM, Nintendo has sold more than 3.5 billion video games and more than 577 million hardware units globally, including the current-generation Wii, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSiTM and Nintendo DSi XLTM, as well as the Game BoyTM, Game Boy Advance, Super NESTM, Nintendo 64TM and Nintendo GameCubeTM systems. It has also created industry icons that have become well-known, household names such as MarioTM, Donkey KongTM, MetroidTM, ZeldaTM and Pok√©monTM. A wholly owned subsidiary, Nintendo of America Inc., based in Redmond, Wash., serves as headquarters for Nintendo's operations in the Western Hemisphere. For more information about Nintendo, please visit the company's website at

DRAGON QUEST and SQUARE ENIX are trademarks or registered trademarks of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd.. REALMS OF REVELATION is a trademark or registered trademark of Square Enix Co., Ltd.

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The Re-Cap: News From QTE Gamers From The Weekend Of Saturday 18th And Sunday 19th December

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  • PS3: Atlus announce the Demon's Souls servers will stay online until at least October 2011
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