Sunday, June 21, 2009

What Have You Played This Week?

Football Manager 09 – PC – Still playing, still going. It is my vice and will be for many years to come. Just found out how to get the German national team working, but can't bring myself to start a new game with it...or can I?

Little Big Planet – PS3 – been enjoying a lot of the musical levels, incredible watching how they have gone from early simple levels to now levels with multiple notes at a time. I did enjoy a FFVIII level from the Dollet mission, really bought me back.

Xmen Origins: Wolverine– PS3 – It has it's problems, like a camera that doesn't always work, awkward pacing, and some repetitive enemies, but I still enjoyed it. It did have some slowdown issues at times, but generally it was smooth, fast gameplay which looked fairly good. It was enjoyable testing out all the ways to kill people in the game, and there are several but with some bosses you kinda wish there was more. Also it doesn't fit particularly well with the movie but that never really hampers it. Well worth renting and maybe buying.

? – ? – trying to update it was fun but at least now my console doesn't restart after everytime I play it. Still enjoying the pace of it, less frantic than other multiplayer experiences, but this doesn't hamper the fun at all.

So What have you played this week. feel free to comment on what i've played, or add the games you've played in the comments below.