Saturday, April 29, 2023

Online Saturday - Omega Strikers - The First Hour

Welcome to Online Saturday!

Today i'm playing Omega Strikers on Nintendo Switch. the game came out a day or two ago so this is my first hour with the game during it's debut weekend.

Going in, i didn't know too much about it other than what the Nintendo e-shop store page said about it. but one of the most surprising things about it was how slow it felt. one of the first comments i make about the game during the training is just how slow it is. It's something i'll say about the game a few times whilst playing and thinking back it's probably the biggest negative i have with it.

There are a few other minor negative feelings i have about the game, but it's mostly UI stuff. but in terms of core gameplay it's mostly fine. but the the game never felt fast enough, in nearly every game i was left wanting more speed or a sprint button at the very least. the only other thing about playing it that i feel is worth mentioning is that quite a few times i lost track of my own character on the pitch. the game is designed so that the whole pitch is on screen. this means, even on tv, the camera is somewhat zoomed out. there's something about this camera and the character design that makes it really hard to keep track of what's happening at times. it's also somewhat hard to work out what the other players are doing as the animations, whilst happening,  are also small. at the very least i'd like an option for a zoom camera, kinda like something you'd have in a Pinball game, or a lock on that keeps your character in the center.

For it being it's debut weekend, i found the game to have solid online. not once did a game drop and the waiting times were as low as Splatoon 3! it's free to play and i had fun in the first hour i played with it. Omega Strikers manages that first hour very well. the tutorial is a little heavy but goes over the basic gameplay loop using in-game examples, which is greatly appreciated. the Missions are also designed in such a way that it encourages you to explore the menus and customisation options. as you progress through the missions, you unlock other features such as the shop. that's something i'm a fan of, and one of the bigger complaints i have with mobile games is how quick they are to open the shop whilst explaining nothing about it. 

Omega Strikers is a free to play game and one that i recommend trying out. it's one i will be keeping on my Switch, but won't replace Splatoon 3 as my go to online multiplayer game. but it's one i will keep coming back to. if there are online events, i may pop in every month to take part. for example, this month is a Creators Vs. event. you can select to represent a Creator and as you win you earn points for them. in this video, i chose to fight for  @RubberRoss  . whilst i was only able to get a single win for his team. it was fun. (also, check out his YouTube Channel. i do enjoy not only the art but how much fun he has with his friends)