Thursday, March 26, 2009

UK PSN Update 26/03/09

Uk Finally get the Unreal 3 Titan Pack and the Resistance 2 multiplayer DLC. not much else this week.

PS3 Games

Little Big Planet - Buzz Costume Pack [£1.59]
Tom Clancey Endwar - Veteran Map Pack [Free]
Unreal III - Titan Mutators Bonus Pack [Free]
Pain - El Chile Grande [£0.69]
Pain - Smack Pack [£3.19]
Resistance 2 - Multiplayer Skin Bundle [£2.39]
Resistance 2 - Ravager Multiplayer Skin [£0.59]
Resistance 2 - Ranger Variation Multiplayer Skin [£0.59]
Resistance 2 - Rachel Parker Multiplayer Skin [£0.59]
Resistance 2 - Female Soldier Multiplayer Skin [£0.59]
Resistance 2 - Cloven Multiplayer Skin [£0.59]
Resistance 2 - Black Ops Variation Multiplayer Skin [£0.59]
Resistance 2 - Aftermath Multiplayer Map Pack [£3.99]
Call Of Duty World At War - Map Pack 1 [£7.99]
Burn Zombie Burn [£6.29]


Guitar Hero - World Tour
"C-Lebrity" by Queen and Paul Rogers [£1.59]
"Fat Bottomed Girls" by Queen [£1.59]
"We Are The Champions" by Queen [£1.59]
"The James Bond Theme" by Richard Fortus [£1.59]
Queen Track Pack [£4.39]

Rock Band

"Black" by Pearl Jam [£0.99]
"Deep" by Pearl Jam [£0.99]
"Even Flow" by Pearl Jam [£0.99]
"Garden" by Pearl Jam [£0.99]
"Jeremy" by Pearl Jam [£0.99]
"Master/Slave" by Pearl Jam [£0.99]
"Oceans" by Pearl Jam [£0.99]
"Once" by Pearl Jam [£0.99]
"Porch" by Pearl Jam [£0.99]
"Release" by Pearl Jam [£0.99]
"Why Go" by Pearl Jam [£0.99]



Crash Commando - War Wallpaper
Rag Doll Kung Fu - Fists Of Plastic
Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 Ultimate Edition - Allied Cryocopter
Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 Ultimate Edition - Empire Tsunami Tank
Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 Ultimate Edition - Apocalypse Tank


Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 - Soviet Theme

PS1 Classic
Magic Carpet [£4.79]

Buzz Brain of The Uk [£19.99]

My 360 Replacement Experiance.

It only took a week, but i got my 360 back. i must admit i'm impressed with the speed it took, only a week. it would've been here yesterday but UPS were delayed a day.
of course this may not be the same for everyone, thinking about it the main reason for such speed would be that my console had no repairs. it was a very early model and i doubt that the parts for it exist, and they probably decided that it would be simpler just to sent me a new one.
i have to say that i do no have one of the new chipsets. i'm a little disappointed, but i understand why; the 360 i sent was a original one, which means that i have a original power brick, the new chipsets use a different power brick...and unfortunately older bricks do not work with the newer models, which means it's cheaper to send me a a newer version of the original model.

getting it replaced was a interesting experience. it's all done online now, even trying to phone in tells you to go to the website. the website relies on you being online, with a live account and being registered, which thankfully i am which made it very simple, fill in the boxes, say whats wrong. if you have a RROD, the site automatically adds 3 years of warranty which should make the process free. the emails are a little confusing, they cover all bases by sending a email with all the information possible which can make it difficult to pick out your own info, and you have to provide your won box. thats the only issues i have, everything else went smoothly.
i'm impressed, but i guess they have had alot of experience, it was smooth, didn't take long, and relatively out of my hands. i'd say good overall.