Tuesday, September 20, 2011

THQ Announce The Next Homefront Game Will Be Developed By Crytek

THQ have announced Crytek are the developers behind the next Homefront game. the upcoming game has no name and so far THQ are only saying that the game is set to come out during their 2014 fiscal year on consoles and PC. The press release doesn't say for sure, but it hints that the game will be running on Cryteks graphics engine. It seems THQ have gone with such a well known and successful developer with the aim of making the next Homefront game a blockbuster big enough to challenge big titles like Modern Warfare, Battlefield, Killzone, And Gears Of War.

Press Release

Square Enix Have Released PS3 And Xbox 360 Trailers For Final Fantasy XIII-2

Square Enix have released PS3 and Xbox 360 trailers for Final Fantasy XIII-2. the first trailer is from the Xbox 360 version of the game and the second trailer is the PS3 version. Both trailers are different so it may be worth watching both. the story is becoming a bit more fleshed out, and perhaps a little more confusing, and the battle system is show several times in both trailers, as is the new QTE Sections in battles.

Ubisoft Announce, For A Limited Time, Assassin's Creed: Revelations Comes With Assassin's Creed For Free Only On PS3

Ubisoft have announced that Assassin's Creed: Revelations on the PS3 will come with the original Assassin's Creed Game for free. Trophies have not been added to Assassin's Creed. this is a very limited run so Ubisoft recommend players pre-order the game to avoid missing out.

Ubisoft have also announced that Assassin's Creed II and Assassin's Creed Brotherhood will be discounted on the PSN by 30%.

Source: EU Playstation Blog

Sony Online Entertainment Announce DC Universe Online Is Going Free To Play

Sony Online Entertainment have announced DC Universe Online is going to be a Free To Play Game. there will be 3 levels of access. the free to play access with be called Free Access, Premium Access opens when you spend at least $5 in game, Legendary access grants you access to everything and costs $14.99 a month.

The Game will no longer be sold at retail, but those who have recently purchased the game can still sign up and play, and those who have used the retail disc to play can continue to do so. all existing players who are paying a monthly subscription will be granted Legendary access. all players who have previously played the game but are currently not playing will be granted Premium Access.

Free Access Grants You:
  • Free Access To The Game
  • Free Game Updates
  • 2 Character Slots (Can Purchase More)
  • 28 Inventory Slots (Can Purchase More)
  • 12 Bank Slots (Can Purchase More)
  • Max of 1500 In Game Currency
  • 6 Text chats per 30 seconds
  • Send Text Mail
  • 1 free vault ticket per week
  • ability to Join Player leagues
Free Access doesn't grant you:
  • unable to earn trophies
  • unable to play DLC unless you buy it
  • no Auction house slots (Can Purchase More)
  • No Trading

Premium Access Grants You:
  • Free access to the game and bonus features
  • Free Game Updates
  • 6 character slots (Can Purchase More)
  • 42 inventory slots (Can Purchase More)
  • 5 action house slots (Can Purchase More)
  • 24 bank slots (Can Purchase More)
  • able to trade items
  • max of 2000 in game currency
  • Proximity voice chat, 6 text chat messages per 30 seconds
  • able to mail text and items
  • 1 free vault ticket every 3 days
  • can join player leagues
 Premium Access Doesn't grant you:
  • Unable to earn trophies
  • Unable to play DLC unless you buy it

Legendary Access Grants You:
  • Free Access to the game and bonus items
  • Free access to DLC (free access stops when legendary subscription ends)
  • 16 Character Slots
  • 63 Inventory Slots
  • 20 Auction Slots
  • 48 Bank Slots
  • Can trade items and cash
  • unlimited in-game currency
  • unlimited player chat
  • can send text, items, and cash via mail
  • 1 free vault ticket a day
  • can form or join player leagues
  • can earn trophies
It appears that players will continue to unlock trophies as they play, not matter what level, but you only gain access to those trophies when you pay for the legendary access.

Source: USA Playstation Blog And DC Universe Online FAQ

Sony Announce PS3 Firmware Update 3.72, The Update Is Out Now

Sony have detailed PS3 firmware update 3.72. They say its a minor update, it improves system stability during the use of PS3 software and The PSN. i personally found that the update downloaded very quick. i can't see any changes, but the PS3 does feel like it boots quicker and the folders load quicker. i've been having a PS+ issue with automatic downloads but its too early to tell if this has fixed it.

Source: USA Playstation Blog