Sunday, October 8, 2023

Switch Funday - Pokémon Unite - October's Unite Weekend

Today's Switch Funday video is on Pokémon Unite. as this is the first full weekend of October, it's a Unite Weekend. this means i'm able to use any Pokémon i want in the unranked online modes. my goal with these weekends is to try out several new Pokémon i don't have and hopefully find some new favorites. 

I was having a lot of fun during this weekend and ended up playing 7 games, that's why this video is longer than the others. this also meant i got to use 7 different pokemon. Zoroark was fun, but it's illusion gimmick isn't something i'm interested in. Blaziken was interesting as when you used it's unite move, it's other two moves would switch to the other two moves. it took a little time to work this out but it's kinda cool. I had more fun with Duraludon than i expected. not only does it look cool but it's moves were useful. Azumarill was another with useful moves, especially whirlpool. but it was goofy moving around. i was eager to try Trevenant but i don't think i fully understood how to use it, going with curse seemed like a bad idea. Leafeon was the big surprise and the Pokémon i enjoyed using the most. i enjoyed it soo much i actually bought it after i stopped recording! for the "bonus" extra match i wanted to try another eeveelution, Umbreon. but it didn't feel strong enough in the game i played. like Trevenant, it might be one i could try again with a different move set.