Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nintendo Announce 3DS Firmware Update 2.1.0-3E Is Out Now

Nintendo have announced a new firmware update is out now on the Nintendo 3DS. This update replaces 2.0.0-2E that was released earlier this month. this update fixes an issue with Ridge Racer 3D and also brings further "system stability improvements and other adjustments." for those who hadn't updated to 2.0.0-2E, this update will also bring the eShop, DSi/DSi XL System Transfer, and Internet Browser to the 3DS.

Rocksteady Have Revealed The Batman: Arkham City Boxart

Rocksteady and Warner Bros. have revealed the boxart for Batman: Arkham City Boxart.


Activision Have Released A Launch Trailer For Transformers: Dark Of Moon - The Videogame

Activision have released a new trailer for Transformers Dark Of Moon - the videogame. the trailer is a launch trailer and it shows alot of in-game action from both sides. the trailer also shows there's a focus not only on the robot combat but you can still attack in car mode.

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Neverrealm Studios Have Released A New Story Trailer For Skarlet

Neverrealm Studios and Warner Bros. have released a new trailer for Mortal Kombat. this trailer is a story trailer that tells Skarlets story, her history.

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Sony Online Entertainment And Ninja Bee Have Released New Screenshots And A Trailer For Akimi Village

Ninja Bee and Sony Online Entertainment have released new screenshots and a trailer for Akimi Villgae. the game is out now in the USA on the PS3 PSN for $9.99. Akimi Village is a city building game where you have build a city for the tiny Akimi and also try to set them free from the gloom in their world. the game is set to come out across Europe on 22nd June.

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The Re-Cap: News From QTE Gamers From Wednesday 15th June

  • QTE News: The Re-Cap: News From QTE Gamers From Tuesday 14th June
  • DSi: Nintendo announce The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords game coming free to DSiWare is the GBA version
  • Its reported the hacker group LulzSec have hacked Minecraft's multiplayer services, Escapist website, and EVE Online
  • PSP: Grasshopper Manufacture is reportedly making an Evangelion rhythm game, soundtrack by Akira Yamaoka, out September
  • WiiU: Satoru Iwata confirms the Wii U does not play DVD's or Blu-Rays, says people already have those players
  • QTE News: Paradox Interactive Have Released A New Trailer For Defenders of Ardania
  • QTE News: PomPom Games Announce Alien Zombie Megadeath Exclusively For The PS3
  • Child Of Eden review scores now live. game getting several 8/10, 9/10, and a couple of 5/5
  • PC: Steam now supports Free To Play games, 5 games launched. in-game transactions done via Steam, same as Team Fortress 2
  • Bungie say they are not working on a Steam Punk game for Activision
  • QTE News: Signal Studios Have Released A New Trailer And Screenshots For Toy Soldiers: Cold War
  • QTE News: Nintendo Announce Kirby Wii For The Nintendo Wii
  • Fumito Ueda has found a old storyboard for Shadow Of The Colossus that show an unused ending to the game
  • QTE News: Double Fine Have Released New Screenshots And A Trailer For Trenched
  • Rumoured GameStop flyer for 3rd Call Of Duty Black Ops DLC. 4 maps, Hangar 18, Silo, Hazard, Drive-In, and 1 zombie map
  • QTE News: Zero Punctuation - Hunted: The Demon's Forge