Saturday, March 30, 2013

PlayJam Announce Game Stick Comes To UK Retailer GAME In June For £79.99

PlayJam have announced their Game Stick console will be available to buy at UK Retailer GAME this June. up for pre-order is the console for £79.99, a controller for £34.99 and a dock for £34.99. PlayJam say they hope to have other partnerships in other countries announced soon.

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Creative Assembly And Sega Reveal Total War: Arena, A Free To Play Online Game

Sega and Creative Assembly have revealed Total War: Arena. no platform was announced, but i assume it will be coming to PC. the game is Free To Play and is a MOBA game (a Massively Online Battle Arena Game). further information was not provided, but Creative Assembly are looking for beta testers.

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OUYA Announce The Console Is Now Shipping For Kickstarter Backers, Hits Retail On 4th June

OUYA have announced that Kickstarter back consoles are now shipping. they are being shipped out in waves over the next few weeks and emails will be sent out before they are posted. OUYA have released some information for the Kickstarter Backers:
  • When you first boot it up, you’ll experience our first update :) This will either be super fast (seconds) or allow you to get a drink (minutes) based on your connection speed. Eventually, we want to do these updates in the background…
  • You’ll need a credit/debit card to download games. All games are still free to try. Your card will only be charged if you buy content you love. We do want valid payment information for everyone. This is to ensure that game developers can get paid when you love their game.
  • OUYA supports up to four controllers (you can always get more at And, because we support Bluetooth, you can pair other devices as well.  We are testing now and will start publishing a list of devices soon.

OUYA have also announced that the console will be coming out at retail on 4th June. between now and the June retail release, The OUYA console will continue to get firmware updates and they want Kickstarter Backers to get in touch with suggestions and feedback.

Source: OUYA Blog

Focus Home Interactive Have Released New Screenshots For Magrunner

Focus Home Interactive have released new screenshots for Frogwares upcoming Unreal Engine 3 downloadable title Magrunner. coming to the PSN and XBLA, Magrunner is set in the near future where technology will confront the Cthulhu Mythos, as imagine by H.P. Lovecraft. the screenshots show your character Dax, a scientist called Xander and some Dark Youngs enemies.


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Square Enix Have Released A new Trailer And Details For The Final Fantasy XI Expansion Seekers Of Adoulin

Square Enix have released a new trailer for Final Fantasy XI and revealed more details for the Seekers Of Adoulin. this expansion is out now on both Xbox 360 and PC and is the fifth major expansion for Final Fantasy XI.

Seekers Of Adoulin Features:
  • 2 new Jobs, Geomancers and Rune Fencers with armor and weapons designed by Mr. Kazushi Hagiwara
  • The additions of the Ulbuka Continent and Sacred City of Adoulin that further expand on the FINAL FANTASY XI storyline
  • New and stronger monsters throughout the areas that span the Ulbuka Continent
  • New gameplay systems such as player-built outposts, new contract work, and the introduction of special “power spots” that are hidden throughout the environment for powerful character enhancements

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