Friday, December 2, 2022

Mobile Friday: Apple Arcade - Star Trek: Legends - A Lacklustre First Hour

For the next few videos, Mobile Friday will become Mobile Friday: Apple Arcade. I forgot that with my phone upgrade i also got some months free with Apple Arcade. So i'll use them to explore what the service offers on my phone, as i don't have an Apple TV or Mac.

The first game i chose to play was a selfish choice, much like my Star Trek: Lower Decks video, because i really enjoy watching Star Trek and i'm on the lookout for a game to equally enjoy.

This however isn't it. It's possible my expectations going in were too high, because it's something i enjoy, but you'll hear me compare it to other mobile games i've played in this series throughout and constantly find issues or areas where it's lacking features, clarity, or just "common sense."

There is a lot to this game and i wouldn't dismiss it immediately. if the game's story isn't captivating you then there's always the online features. admittedly i didn't try them out in this video. The game's tutorial isn't too long and there's no extra download when you start it for the first time, or if there is it wasn't revealed to the player that it's happening.

Have a watch of this video and judge it for yourself.

Pokémon Violet - The Tenth Part - Crossing Asado Desert, Seeing and Catching Many New Pokémon

This tenth part had one goal, cross the Asado Desert. And i did it!
And what a journey it was!

If you're unfamiliar with this play through, i've gone into this game knowing very little. mostly just rumours from a couple of months ago and what i've seen in the trailers. So, this video is full of surprises for me.

It was soo much fun coming across Pokémon i've seen in raid battles,, as well as spotting random Pokémon out in the world. i tried to catch as many as i could, i've even added one to my team.

It's a longer video as the Asado Desert is very large, but as usual i meander my way across as well as trying out a path i don't think i've tried before.