Sunday, May 31, 2009

PSPgo - As it Happened, What We know, Strange Things On Top Of It.

Yesterday saw the leaked release of news regarding the PSPgo. Whilst it seems that most of the big news sites knew about this, they were all beaten to the news by little known Gaming Console Network. Whilst i'm sure there may have been other sites not mentioned in the article, this is how it happened yesterday for me.

Once news got out (and it didn't take long) little bits of information sprung up all over the place. first this video was released, the first leaked footage from the June Quore Episode. (unfortunately the original Youtube link has been removed, but this is what was shown)

Once NEOgaf got hold of the information, it didn't take them long to dig out more information
and pictures for the PSPgo and for a thread to start.

Playstation Lifetstyle, the ones who leaked Trico last week, came in and showed the insider information they had...but also then made the comparison with the boxart for the PSPgo to the PS3 Slim with this picture.
This picture itself began all sorts of talk regarding the PS3 Slim again, and what went from a dismissed rumour suddenly became alot more concrete.

The first "big" site that responded to to all this was Eurogamer. they released official pictures for the PSPgo.

Finally someone uploaded the full length episode of Quore which showed even more information regarding the PSPgo.

Lastly, Kotaku did a feature showing, an estimate of, the PSPgo against the PSP, DS, DSi, and iPhone. firstly it's obvious to see how small the device actually is in comparison.

So what do we know?


  • Offical Name - PSP Go
  • 3.8″ LCD Screen
  • 43% Lighter then PSP-3000 (3.8 ounces now)
  • 16GB Flash Memory
  • Memory Stick Micro Support
  • BlueTooth Support - HeadSet and Cellphone Support
  • All Digital Content (No UMD)
  • Slide Out Controls
  • Remote Play Support (just like PSP-3000)
What Is On Top Of It?
as a owner of the PSP GO
Cam, i was wondering where on the PSPgo would i put it. after looking at the HD version of June's Quore episode (which was in this article earlier) i took a screen grab of the PSPgo at a point when the top of the PSPgo is most clear.

As you can see from the Pic, the two shoulder buttons are clear to see, pretty big and silver. but whats in the middle? the volume controls are no longer with the buttons, so it's possible the middle piece could be the volume controls. the two buttons, one next to each shoulder buttons, could also be volume buttons, making the middle thing perhaps a cover for the Mini USB port on the PSP. if this was true, the two screws would then be used to secure the PSP GO Cam/GO Explore in place much like previous PSP Models.

I'm sure more will be announced come E3, when the original release of the PSPgo was meant to happen.