Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Spearhead Games Announce Tiny Brains, A Co-Op Puzzle Game, For PS4

Spearhead Games have announced Tiny Brains, an upcoming co-op puzzle game for the PS4.  the game is set in a lab where 4 super powered animals have to work together to solve puzzles. the game was shown at PAX East and the team have already been able to make adjustments due to user feedback. Spearhead Games say that Tiny Brains will launch with over a dozen challenge maps and there will be more to unlock. Tiny Brains will be at this years E3.


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Lima Sky And D3Publisher Announce Doodle Jump For Kinect, Coming To XBLA This Summer

Lima Sky and D3Publishger have announced they are bringing Doodle Jump For Kinect to Xbox 360 this Summer. this downloadable game has players moving left and right to control the Doodler and arm gestures to fly or blast nose balls. Doodle Jump For Kinect is set to cost 400 MS Points this summer and requires Kinect to play.


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Digital Extremes Announce Warframe Is Coming To PS4, Will Remain Free To Play And Is Coming This Fall

Digital Extremes have announced they are bringing their free to play PC game Warframe to PS4. the game will come out this fall and will be shown at this years E3. this PS4 version will feature new controls for the DualShock 4 and they will be releasing a app on Android and iOS called Warframe Nexus that will provide real time info and let you perform tasks when your away from you console.

Warframe is a co-op focused game that thrives on community and clan building. Digital Extremes have released this cinematic trailer for the PC version of the game that shows the different characters and action you can expect in the game.

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Zero Punctuation - Next Gen Buyer's Guide

This week Yahtzee tries answering the question, with what we know which next gen console should we buy? granted this could all change with E3 round the corner, but will he side with one right now or is it a case of PS3/Xbox 360 still.

Marvelous AQL Announce Harvest Moon: A New Beginning Is Coming To Europe This Year

Marvelous AQL have announced they are partnering with Zen United to bring Harvest Moon: A New Beginning to Europe this year, currently set for Q3 2013. Harvest Moon: A New Beginning is the first to be developed for the 3DS and it will be the most feature packed version of the game released so far. Europe alone, the Harvest Moon franchise has sold over 1 million units.

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Nintendo Have Released A Launch Trailer For Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Nintendo have released a launch trailer for Animal Crossing: New Leaf. this trailer uses in-game action to show many of the different features and activities in New Leaf.

Capcom Have Released A Launch Trailer For Remember Me

Capcom have released a launch trailer for Remember Me.

Konami Announce Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, Coming Later This Year To PS3, Xbox 360, PSP And PC

Konami have revealed Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 (PES 2014) and announced it's only coming to PS3, Xbox 360, PSP and PC. Konami have announced that the game will run on the Fox Engine, developed by Kojima Productions, and call the move the most comprehensive advance for the PES range since it's inception. this move has allowed every aspect of PES 2014 to be reworked. the main theme Konami have worked with is fluidity, the constant moving of players and switching positions which represent modern football. 

Konami say there are six central tenets that will make PES 2014 the new benchmark in football simulations, you can read in more detail after the break but basically these are the main points provided by Konami:
  • True Ball Tech: For the first time in a football simulation, PES 2014centres everything on the ball: how it moves, and how players use it. First touch and sublime control are what set certain players apart from others. The ability to not only read a pass, but to be one step ahead and to know what is needed to gain yards on an encroaching defender. TrueBall Tech allows the player to trap or knock on a pass using the analogue stick with detailed barycentric physics determining the weight shift of the player and the height and speed of the pass, as to how the player’s body will automatically shape to receive it.
  • Motion Animation Stability System (M.A.S.S.): The physical combat between players is a vital part of any match, and the new M.A.S.S. component simulates the bodily contact between multiple players within bespoke animations that segue seamlessly into each other. Rather than a series of preset animations that occur under specific circumstances, M.A.S.S. acts instantly to any situation, with the reaction of a fouled player entirely dependent on the direction and force with which they are tackled. Dependent on factors such as their size and power, players will stumble but instantly recover if clipped, barge others off the ball, and use their stature to block players from possession. Similarly, PES 2014 now has more styles of tackle, as opposed to basic foot in or sliding types.
  • Heart: Defining what makes football so engrossing is difficult. It isn’t a technical thing, but more an emotional hook. Matches can be imposing for visiting teams, as home support barracks the opposition, and acts as the infamous ‘twelfth man’ by cheering their side on. PES 2014’s ‘Heart aims to recreate the effects of team support, both on an individual player basis and across the entire team.
  • PES ID: PES 2013 set a new bar for realism, with its inclusion of the Player ID system. For the first time, players could instantly recognise a player by their faithfully recreated running and play styles. The way a player ran, moved and spread the ball about would be identical to that of their real-life counterpart, and PES 2013 featured 50 players that utilised the system.
  • Team Play: Via the new game’s innovative Combination Play users can set up a variety of different tactics in key areas of the pitch using three or more players. These players will make very different off-the-ball runs to exploit holes in the defence or midfield, using the flanks, curved runs, or overlapping play to make themselves available. These moves can be preset to key areas of the field, allowing users to exploit defensive weaknesses beforehand. For PES 2014, that number will be greatly expanded, with twice as many stars featuring bespoke animations and AI.
  • The Core: PES Productions have undertaken several years of consultation with PES and football fans to reproduce key elements of the series and implement a wide range of additional improvements.


Konami have confirmed PES 2014 will be the first game in the series to have the Asia Champions League and it will also exclusively retain the use of the UEFA Champions League club competition.

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