Sunday, May 10, 2009

What Have You Played This Week?

This week wasn't as productive as last week. If i'm honest I haven't really played much this week.

Unreal III – PS3 – I played some on-line Co-op which worked really well. With voice chat, working together was really easy and made some of the more annoying single player levels much more easier.

Space Invaders Extreme – 360 – I loved this game on the PSP and DS so jumped at the chance to play it on the 360 and its still good. I am a little underwhelmed, it feels less graphically intense than the PSP version but still fun and fast.

Football Manager 09 – PC – I made some changes to the data, putting Roy Keane in charge of my favourite team (just like in real Life) and started a new game with FC Bayern. Fast and fun, but the Bayern squad needed some work....and the team needs some money.

Fat Princess – PS3 – Starting to get a little bored with the map in the beta, and on more than one occasion i've just taken my worker, got the princess and won the game with no trouble. I do have a few worries with balance in this game the more I play it but that could also be because i've played it a lot and got good at it. Still one to look for.

So what has everyone been playing, anyone been more productive than I have?