Sunday, April 11, 2010

QTE Tweets Of The Week

Here are this weeks most clicked tweets from the QTE Gamers News In Brief. There was a lot of interest in all the Apple news this week as well as Pokèmon Black and White. There was also a strange amount of interest in the release date of White Knight Chronicles, a game that is already out.

10 A Ubisoft Staffer CV mentions Splinter Cell Conviction coming to PS3 and new Assassins Creed coming 2010

9 PS3: there are reports that a small number of people are having issues with their PS3's after doing the 3.21 Update

8 Beenox Studios confirm that Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions does not have any support for PS Move or Natal

7 More footage rumoured to be from Duke Nukem Forever has been found. it shows puzzles and truck driving + more

6 3DS: a video of the new Sharp Parralax Barrier screens has bee found. it mention non-touch versions also coming.

5 iPhone: Apple is holding an event on 8th April where they'll be showing a sneak peak at the upcoming iPhone OS 4

4 iPhone: Engadget have a hands on, photo's and video of OS 4

3 PS3: White Knight Chronicles is coming out February 2010

2 DS: Pokemon Black/White scans, Game has better graphics, more 3D, new battle scene, Poke Center redesign + more

1 360: There are reports of technical issues with Natal. loose clothes, couches, latency, low light cited. price increased

What Have You Played This Week?

Managed to play a few games this week but managed not to complete any of them, lol.

Football Manager 10 – PC – managed to survive my first season in Division 1 with Annan. Chairman is going to build a new stadium, better not get relegated cause the loans are huge.

Critter Crunch – PS3 – Played a lot more of the adventure mode. I've nearly completed it but it has gotten really tough. I managed to play some games online, there's not many people playing but those who are are great.

Uncharted 2 – PS3 – I got some more uncharted 2 Multiplayer done. Those trophies that came with the map pack are tough and are going to take a lot of work. There are loads of people still playing the many game modes in it.

Modern Warfare 2 – PS3 – I had hoped to go back and complete the game but failed. I only put in a couple of hours and from what I know, i've nearly completed it. I taking it slowly with the game, trying not to finish it in one sitting. I didn't play multiplayer or the other mode as the game isn't as good as I hoped. For me, the game is not where close to being as good as Killzone 2.

Warhawk – PS3 – I initially went in to see if there was still a community playing. And I was surprised to see how many people were playing it, so I just dived in. it feels old and it doesn't look that great any more, but the simplistic nature of the game make it very accessible and it was fun. Thankfully I have the map packs that came out as many of them were being used. I may return to the game a few times as it was fun.

what have you been playing this week? feel free to add your weeks gaming selection in the comments, or comment on my selection for this week?