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Warner Bros. Have Released The Achievement/Trophy List For F.E.A.R.3

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have revealed the trophies and achievements in F.E.A.R.3.

Campaign Specific Achievements/Trophies

• Almost Halfway – Attain Rank 10 - 10 Pts / Bronze
• You’ve Got the Touch! – Attain Rank 21 - 25 Pts / Silver
• Prison Impossible – Complete Prison - 10 Pts / Bronze
• Get To The Chopper – Complete Slums - 10 Pts / Bronze
• Pain, In Bulk – Complete Store - 15 Pts / Bronze
• Town Hall Beating – Complete Village - 15 Pts / Bronze
• Through The Haystack – Complete Tower - 20 Pts / Bronze
• Trouble Cross – Complete Bridge - 20 Pts / Bronze
• Terminal Victory – Complete Port - 25 Pts / Bronze
• Homecoming King – Complete Ward - 25 Pts / Bronze
• Mission… Accomplished? – Finish the Campaign on any difficulty (all levels complete) - 50 Pts / Gold
• Man Mode – Finish the Campaign on INSANE Difficulty - 100 Pts / Gold

General Achievements/Trophies

• Art Collector – Pin 100 total enemies with the Penetrator or Leaper knives - 15 Pts / Bronze
• A Precursor – In the Poker Room of Prison, kill all 3 enemies with headshots before Slow-Mo ends - 5 Pts / Bronze
• State-of-the-Art. Bang Bang! – Kill 10 enemies in a row with Sniper Rifle headshots - 20 Pts / Bronze
• Yo, Adrian! – Find something worth punching! - 15 Pts / Bronze
• No can Defense! – Kill 100 enemies with Jump Kick or Slide Tackle - 20 Pts / Bronze
• Extremist – Complete any campaign level on INSANE without reloading checkpoints or going into Last Stand - 20 Pts / Bronze
• Earl of Pain – Kill 1,000 enemies by any method in any game mode - 10 Pts / Bronze

Character Specific Achievements/Trophies

• God Among Men – Kill 250 total enemies during Slow-Mo - 25 Pts / Silver
• Footy Foul – Kill 2 enemies with 1 slide-tackle during Slow-Mo - 10 Pts / Bronze
• Insider Trading – Possess every type of possessable enemy! - 15 Pts / Bronze
• Head Crab Removal – 20 kills with a crowbar - 10 Pts / Bronze

Online and Multiplayer Achievements/Trophies

• Little Brother’s Helper – As Point Man, Kill 100 enemies Suspended by Fettel - 15 Pts / Bronze
• Big Brother’s Helper – As Fettel, Suspend 100 enemies that Point Man kills - 15 Pts / Bronze
• I’m not a Doctor, I’m a Medic! – Perform 50 Revives in any Game Mode - 10 Pts / Bronze
• Dead Blind – Spend an entire round of Contractions in deep fog without going into Last Stand - 10 Pts / Bronze
• I F.E.A.R. Nothing! – Finish a wave of Contractions on INSANE without anyone entering Last Stand - 15 Pts / Bronze
• We’ll Try Again Tomorrow! – Survive 3 round in Contractions in a row without anyone bringing back a crate - 15 Pts / Bronze
• Hanging 20 – Complete wave 20 in Contractions - 20 Pts / Bronze
• Handle with Care – Return 30 Crates in one game of Contractions - 20 Pts / Bronze
• Indecisive – Possess 10 different enemies in one round of Soul King - 10 Pts / Bronze
• Unstoppable! – Win all 5 rounds of a 5-round Soul King match - 15 Pts / Bronze
• Soul Gatherer – Attain a total of 6,000 Souls in one round of Soul King - 15 Pts / Bronze
• Soul Hoarder – Attain a total of 25,000 Souls across all round of a Soul King match - 20 Pts / Bronze
• Monarch – Win 20 round of Soul King - 20 Pts / Bronze

Rank, Score and Exploration Based Achievements/Trophies

• Doll Collector – Find the Alma Doll on every level - 20 Pts / Bronze
• Spiritually Attuned – Make 100 Psychic Links (Share or Steal) - 20 Pts / Bronze
• Score Monger – Complete 30 challenges in one chapter - 30 Pts / Bronze
• Supreme Challenger – Complete 500 total challenges between all categories - 25 Pts / Bronze
• Completionist – Complete every challenge at least once - 50 Pts / Bronze
• That’s a lot of Zeros – Attain a total of 95,000 score on Prison - 15 Pts / Silver
• Magna Slum Laude - Attain a total of 85,000 score on Slums – 15 Pts / Silver
• Cannibal Run - Attain a total of 95,000 score on Store – 15 Pts / Silver
• House Arrest - Attain a total of 105,000 score on Village – 15 Pts / Silver
• Point Taken - Attain a total of 110,000 score on Tower – 15 Pts / Silver
• Crossing Over - Attain a total of 70,000 score on Bridge – 15 Pts / Silver
• Point Authority - Attain a total of 110,000 score on Port – 15 Pts / Silver
• Dream Score - Attain a total of 50,000 score on Ward – 10 Pts / Silver

Hothead Have Released An Announcement Trailer For DeathSpank: The Baconing

Hothead have released a new trailer for DeathSpank: The Baconing. this trailer announces the game and the information Hothead provides with it help set up the backstory for the game.

Additional Video PR

"...if one were to be in possession of all six Thongs of Virtue, he must never, ever wear them all at the same time, otherwise they risk summoning an incredible self-evil."
-- an ancient Thongolith myth

Unaware of the myth of The Baconing, the hero DeathSpank, on a boring day in Spanktopia, decided to try on all of the undergarments at once. Much to his surprise, the result had nothing to do with chafing or wedgies, but rather the summoning of an evil incarnation of himself, the AntiSpank.

Prepare yourself for the ultimate sci-fi adventure by entering the hilarious and sizzling world of The Baconing created by Hothead Games.

You are DeathSpank, a hero and the ultimate Dispenser of Justice. You must defeat the Anti-Spank and his army of Cyborques, before they cast an evil shadow over Spanktopia.
Discover exciting new worlds and battle hordes of enemies as you search to unlock the secret within the Fires of Bacon.

Namco Bandai Announce Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi Is Coming To PS3 And 360 This Year

Namco Bandai have announced Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi is coming to both the PS3 and Xbox 360 this year. a pre-order bonus for the game has also been revealed, you can get a Hoi Poi Capsule Pen. The Picture above is the press release Namco Bandai gave out, you can click it to see it full sized. the screenshots and trailer below show in-game action between Goku and Vegeta.

Watch Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi - Trailer in Tech & Gaming | View More Free Videos Online at


Hit X Podcast: All The News From QTE Gamers From Friday 1st July

This is all the news From Friday 1st July

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The Re-Cap: News From QTE Gamers From Friday 1st July

  • QTE News: The Re-Cap: News From QTE Gamers From Thursday 30th June
  • QTE News: Neverrealm Studios Have Released A New Mortal Kombat Trailer Showing The Kenshi DLC Character
  • PSV: Sony show off Facial Recognition with video chat, can tract your face and lips, have avatar copy your movements
  • Disney Confirm they have closed Black Rock, the devs behind Split/Second. their current project was not green lit.
  • Media Molecules Siobhan Reddy says the studio will move on from Little Big Planet to focus on new ideas
  • QTE News: Namco Bandai Have Released New Screenshots, A Trailer, And Boxart For Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact
  • QTE News: Hit X Podcast: All The News From QTE Gamers From Thursday 30th June
  • iPad: there are now over 100,000 apps for the iPad, just over a year since it was released
  • 360: The South Korean Ratings Board has rated Crysis for the 360. EA Korea confirm it, no release date at present
  • PC: Some Team Fortress 2 players have created a script to stop people who bought the game for free playing with them
  • QTE News: Atari Have Released A Launch Trailer For Star Raiders And Announce Its Out Now
  • QTE News: Atari Have Released A Character Trailer For Warlords
  • DS: Latest Pokemon Black and White Pokemon Card Game will come with a Tutorial DS Cartridge, out 5th August for ¥2,980
  • Zenimax Media, Bethesda Parent Company, have trademarked "Dishonoured" for a videogame, and have web domains for it
  • WP7: its reported there are over 25,000 apps in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace, number of apps increasing fast
  • QTE News: EA Have Released New Screenshots For Yahtzee On Amazon Kindle
  • PS3: Sony's Jack Buser says Home users are "the most hardcore gamers on PS3", "rabid consumers" of content + more
  • WiiU: Nintendo's Katsuya Eguchi says they're excited about FPS possibilities with the new controller, its a game changer
  • Red Fly have let go 30 staff due to a high profile project being cancelled unexpectedly
  • Sega confirm there'll be a new "Sonic Storybook" game on the Wii, completes the trilogy. new superstars game coming
  • PS3: Indian Playstation Move Cricket game in development, based on Indian Gully Cricket. its sequel to Street Cricket
  • Gearbox reveal they once had the Blade Runner License. admits the game, if made, could've ended the company.
  • QTE News: Namco Bandai Announce One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP For The Nintendo 3DS
  • 3DS: N-Space reveal there are 20K weapons per class in Heroes Of Ruin. StreetPass used to swap items players not found
  • QTE News: Namco Bandai Have Released New In-Game Screenshots For DualPen Sports
  • QTE News: Namco Bandai Announce Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations Comes To The PS3 And 360 In 2012
  • QTE News: Namco Bandai Have Released A New Trailer And Screenshots For One Piece: Gigant Battle
  • QTE News: Sony Detail The 35 3D Games, 18 3D Movies, And 36 3D Blu-Rays You Can Play On The PS3
  • QTE News: Namco Bandai Have Released New Screenshots For Tales Of The Abyss
  • More DLC is coming to Red Dead Redemption, details coming later. there's a 4x XP this weekend
  • PC: In the source code for Google+, people have found reference to Google+ Games, no official confirmation as yet
  • QTE News: Namco Bandai Announce KazĂ© Are Publishing Tekken: Blood Vengeance Across Europe, Bringing It To Cinemas
  • QTE News: EA Have Released A New Need For Speed World Trailer Featuring The BMW Z4 GT3