Monday, September 18, 2023

Cloud Monday - For the King - Part 2 - Poor Cloud Streaming Experience Didn’t Ruin Gameplay

*Apologies for my audio quality. i forgot to change mic's from the recording laptop's to my Blue Snowball Ice. it's bad from start to finish*

Today's Cloud Monday is part 2 of playing For the King, streamed from PlayStation Plus Premium. This game was developed by IronOak Games and published on PS4 by Curve Digital Publishing. 

Part 1 didn't go well in terms of the game itself. head to to see the many complaints i had about the game. But streaming it from PlayStation Plus Premium Cloud Streaming Service was actually very good. i made several comments about how, whether intentionally or not, the game's graphic design and how frequently it saved works well with the streaming service.

Here in Part 2, that was put to the test. the overall streaming experience from PlayStation Plus wasn't great. there were frequent issues ranging from resolution drops, stream tearing (where grey appears on screen), macro blocking (where fine detail is replaced by squares of color), and what looked line frame time issues or missing frames. Even tho streaming it from the cloud to me wasn't great, the game itself mostly held up ok. the only issue the game has is how it displays texts. it's small and i don't sit close to the TV when i play these games. when the resolution dropped, or when there was macro blocking, the text on screen was an issue. 

For those who have played the game, hard to read text isn't a big deal. but for newer players like myself, it is. But overall, even with the issues, it never got in the way of the gameplay. so if this is a game you enjoy or really want to try, doing so via the PlayStation Plus Premium Cloud Streaming Service is great option. Plus, as it saves so frequently, i was never anxious about loosing progress as i had trust in the game. admittedly, i didn't have to put that trust to the test.