Friday, February 6, 2009

After Sony....How about Games Press?

In looking to get a email address to contact Capcom over where the Bionic Commando Rearmed PS3 Trophy patch is, i was going to sign up to Capcom press releases (after doing this i could ask them questions directly) but i noticed that if you had a games press login, that'd let you in also.
after having a look, games press is a site which distributes press releases and imagines froma varity of sources.
so instead of signing up for one, i'll sign up to them and get others as well.
well fingers crossed to see if i'm able to get news from them

Bolt 3d movie....thoughts on games implications

I have just seen Bolt, the new Disney movie, and wow, its a great movie. one of the best disney movies ever. but that is not what makes it special. it's also 3d. whilst i admit to not seeing My Bloody Valentine, Bolts use of 3d is creative.
people mostly imagine that 3d is used to make things come out at you, but this movie used it to great effect in many areas. some simple things like the sphere of the hamsters ball.... in stead of looking like a sphere it actually was a sphere with a hamster in it. other great examples were using it to show depth. imagine playing Little Big Planet, a game which uses depth to move in a 3d environment, not always to great effect. however after watching Bolt, it shows how depth can be shown in 3d to great effect, making it clear whats behind, infront and even distance of an object.

back in 2008 CES, Sony showed off 3d gaming on the playstation 3 using WIpeout HD, Motorstorm and GT5 prolouge. and whilst i don't know what it looked like, after seeing Bolt i can imagine what it looked like. and i'm excited. whilst i'm sure developers would be able to do interesting things with 3d, the more immediate viewing experiance is like the change from standard def to high def. if it becomes mainstream, it will change how you watch/play games/ movies. whats best is that the PS3 can do this nativly, the only change would be the need for a 3d television (and silly Glasses). i imagine, and this is not a long shot, that before the consoles end, we will see 3d games on the PS3

Lets See if i can get a Sony Press Pass *UPDATE*

Sony got back to me, very promptly, and have given me a press pass.
a quick look at the site, the main story is about new psp colours coming to Europe
(these are some of the pictures available, they are psp packshots)
When anything is available, i'll post it on here.