Monday, November 11, 2013

With A Heavy Heart, I'm Putting QTE Gamers On Hiatus

Yep, you read correctly. after nearly 5 years i'm putting the site on Hiatus.

it's not an easy decision and it's made me sad...but this does not mean i'm gone forever.

QTE Gamers started as something for me to do inbetween jobs. i never imagined it would go on as long as it did or get as big as it did. but times have changed since then. i'm in full time employment and have far less free time than i used to. also, i have accepted a job in Japan which starts in March which would make running the site near impossible with the hours and work i'd be doing.

i would like to thank everyone, from the readers to those in press...basically everyone who has been a huge help along the way. i have enjoyed myself soo much over the last years and if i could i would totally still be doing it. but i have to be realistic. i no longer have the time to do the things i wanted, the Podcast had to go by the wayside, so did other features i've tried.

the reason why the site will be on Hiatus and not gone completely is because i still have ideas and plans for it. the move to Japan could open up interesting opportunities for the site, for example we know there are a couple of sites that report news from Japan to the rest of the world, but there are fewer that report World game news to Japan. so that is an idea.

i'll leave the site up, the videos on Youtube will stay up too. i'm still toying with the idea of adding videos to Youtube. it may take a while to start that up again though.

this isn't goodbye forever, wish me luck on my Japanese adventure and i'll wish you all luck in each of your lives.