Sunday, September 3, 2023

Switch Funday - Pokémon Unite - September’s Unite Weekend

Today's Switch Funday video is on Pokémon Unite. After learning about the Unite Weekend, i'm keen to at least play the game once a month and try out different Pokémon. For today, i was in the mood to just play standard matches, so unlike the first time i did the Unite Weekend, there won't be any Ranked matches in this video. 

As it's a Unite Weekend, i'm able to use any Pokémon i want. I went with Mamoswine first as it's on sale in the store and i could afford it. but, i didn't enjoy using it as much. I went with Absol next as it's a fast Pokémon and i'm looking for an alternative to Talonflame. But in that match i went up against a powerful Dodrio so in my third game i wanted to give it a try. For the fourth game i was looking at trying a new ranged attacker and in my fifth i wanted to try a support Pokémon. It didn't go great with Sableye so i wanted to have a little fun in the final game so i went with the allrounder Dragonite. tho, i didn't pick the best moves for it.